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Germany, Etidorpha and Inner Earth

Inner Earth Disclosure: New Germany and Etidorpha

Two Inner Earth Classics...


Libra Rising has written a good article about Germany and their dealings with their Inner Earth cousins.

The New Germany and The Hollow Earth


  The new colonists made their home in and by the cave and eventually traveled further inward and downward into the caves's passages ultimately leading to the Earth's inner concave surface -which they reached in 1647. Along the way they settled into various caverns establishing six cities over a 3000 mile route and fought off mysterious cavern creatures who were as fierce as the Amazon Indians. The caverns or cities were connected by a crude wooden track system. By 1977 over 350,000 Germans occupied the inner Earth tunnel settlements which spanned from Brazil to the Australia-New Zealand midpoint. 


  By 1930 some actual trade began with the two Germanys, and by 1936 Hitler had gathered enough evidence about the inner world to send an aviation team to explore it. The Bodlanders expected and received them, and their King later returned the visit. The King of Bodland warned Hitler and their Generals of their misguided war plans but the Third Reich went ahead anyways. In 1938, German specialists, ordered by Hitler, penetrated the South Pole opening by air, and landed in the interior making contact with their inner Earth bretren who received them joyfully. Land was granted them for future settlement on the condition that they would relinquish their war-like ways and live under the peaceful tutelage of the inner Earthers. Hitler didn't like this but accepted in 1943 after his war efforts started floundering. A thirty-year treaty was signed between Hitler's Germany and the powerful Bodlanders who would oversee the influx and reorientation of the outer Germans coming into the New Inner Earth Germany. 


Unbelievable, the tunnel Germans heard a story of how the Bodlanders some 30,000 years earlier had sought refuge in underground tunnels when attacked by a vicious race which had come out of the sky in space craft using superior weaponry to destroy their cities and kill their people by the millions. Only a few thousand survivors were left and they were pursued into mountainous caves. The calamity had occurred in what today is Iran, Pakistan and Syria, once peopled by a race of fair people who called themselves Bacchis later changed to Bods. Many years later the Bods reached the Inner World via tunnels and pockets in the earth's mantle. The group of emerging tunnel Germans were then invited to visit Bodland, and it was soon apparent to the tunnel Germans that the Bods were the most advanced civilization they had ever seen. The Atlanteans, also called Atturians, agreed to permit the new German race to settle on a relatively unoccupied continent adjacent to Bodland in the southern hemisphere where the second race of Inner World Aryans began anew. Only one stipulation was required, the tunnel Germans must live in peace and friendship and never return to the outside world. A new German race, therefore, evolved. Its roots began in Germany. Uprooted, they were established in the tunnel system which began in the underground headquarters of South America. From here they migrated over a period of three generations to the interior of the earth where, reborn, the 250 original couples grew into a nation known today as the Six Kingdoms of Saxony.

Original (long but highly informative) article here:



Etidorpha is a wordy but fascinating semi-fictional/factual account of one man's dealings with Inner Earthers. It can be overwritten at times, but  contains some good narrative. Is it entirely accurate? Unknown, but there are some interesting clues in the text.

"Please name the conditions," I said.
"They are simple enough," he answered. "The narrative I speak of is in manuscript. I will produce it in the near future, and my design is to read it aloud to you, or to allow you to read it to me, as you may select. Further, my wish is that during the reading you shall interpose any objection or question that you deem proper. This reading will occupy many evenings, and I shall of necessity be with you often. When the reading is concluded, we will seal the package securely, and I shall leave you forever. You will then deposit the manuscript in some safe place, and let it remain for thirty years. When this period has elapsed, I wish you to publish this history to the world."
"Your conditions seem easy," I said, after a few seconds' pause.
"They are certainly very simple; do you accept?"
I hesitated, for the prospect of giving myself up to a succession of interviews with this extraordinary and mysterious personage seemed to require consideration. He evidently divined my thoughts, for, rising from his chair, he said abruptly: "Let me have your answer now."[Pg 12]
I debated the matter no further, but answered: "I accept, conditionally."
"Name your conditions," the guest replied.
"I will either publish the work, or induce some other man to do so."
"Good," he said; "I will see you again," with a polite bow; and turning to the door which I had previously locked, he opened it softly, and with a quiet "Good night" disappeared in the hall-way.
I looked after him with bewildered senses; but a sudden impulse caused me to glance toward the table, when I saw that he had forgotten his knife. With the view of returning this, I reached to pick it up, but my finger tips no sooner touched the handle than a sudden chill shivered along my nerves. Not as an electric shock, but rather as a sensation of extreme cold was the current that ran through me in an instant. Rushing into the hall-way to[Pg 13] the landing of the stairs, I called after the mysterious being, "You have forgotten your knife," but beyond the faint echo of my voice, I heard no sound. The phantom was gone.

Etidorpha Illustrated Online Text

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