Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Violet Flame For Earth! Ongoing Triune Meditation.

Teasy Love has sent us this powerful video. It may represent what's happening on the Etheric planes right now, and what we want to happen. The music is engaging and quietly hypnotic after a while... You can meditate on this whenever you feel drawn to do so. 

We'll be especially active at 11pm, 7am and 3pm Taipei time, EVERY DAY, until this planet is liberated. That's 10am, 6pm and 2am New York time. Please do not underestimate the power of group meditation. 

The choice of three times a day makes choosing a time convenient for everyone, and implies the energy of 3, a powerful force for change. 

You can listen with the original music, or choose a track of your choice while watching the visuals. Alternatively, just listen to the music and close your eyes. 

EDIT: New song, inspired by Debussy:


Just in from Untwine:


If you are away from the computer at the arranged time, just visualize dissolving all blockages with us, and purifying the etheric planes. 

Last, if you miss the scheduled time, don't worry. Everyone is guided to the meditation at the right time for them. If we can work through space, we can work through time as well. 

There are no limits to what the human biosuit can acheive. 

Peace On Earth

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