Monday 4 May 2015

Agartha Chat, Ask Us Anything...

Long lists of questions from Contact With Agartha Readers are more than welcome, they will go into the book. Truth Seeker and Ciuzar have already contributed some interesting questions. 

One question at a time from non-readers are also fine. 

Fire Away. 


  1. what happened to the Agarthan updates to the purchased pdf's? I expected more than 1 or 2 in 3 months and more to the point a continued dialog & information about the Agarthan society. Very interested in this aspect. Thank You

  2. How many have you got so far? I just checked, and there are 8 PDFs in the upload section for Contact With Agartha Cobra Readers offer >>>so far<<<. 8 PDFs for 11 dollars is a good deal, and there's more to come.

    It says on the website that there will be 200 pages delivered by the end of summer, so there's 110 pages outstanding. They are being written now. 40 pages will probably be out at the end of May...

    We opened a free conference on Water a few weeks ago and there was >>>zero<<< interest. Getting our water supplies sorted is key to speeding up the Reunion. as the book describes in painstaking detail.

    With respect, you already have all the information you need to liberate yourself, so you may need to do some work at your end, instead of waiting for the next update. We'll deliver on time. If we don't, we'll offer refunds. I would prefer to write things organically as the story unfolds, instead of being rushed to conform to people's unrealistic expectations. If you feel this is not a good deal I am happy to give you -or anyone- a complete refund, no questions asked, just email me. Thanks for your question.


    Contact Point

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    2. Hey brother, I meant no disrespect, and I don't want a refund. Also, I did not mean to imply that you have not provided a good value for the money. I probably didn't word my comment as well as I could have. I thank you for the info. you have provided thus far regarding the Argarthans. & everything else. I look forward to more whenever you are ready to release it. I really enjoy reading about your experiences w/ the Agarthans. I meditate daily but no bi-location or contact with the Agarthans for me yet. All the best...

  3. No worries! If you want to help quicken the Renuion you're welcome to write a list of questions for me to bounce off when I'm writing. Post them right here. Write as many as you like, even 20-30 is fine. I need to know what people are thinking. A mix of questions about the Reunion, and other questions about their lives are fine. Some questions are prohibited by them, but I can always tell you why they are not allowed, so anything is fine.

    >>>That offer is open to anyone.<<< Lists of questions are good. We actually expected more traffic and comments here but everyone is too busy doing other things.

    So fire away, AMA, and let's speed up the Liberation process :)

    1. I think I'm most curious about how the "average" Agarthans lives are different than ours.

      Are the "average" Agarthans aware of the surface population?
      If so, how do the "average" Agarthans perceive the surface population as beings?
      I. E. Are the "average" Agarthans afraid of us, if they are aware of us?
      What comprises the daily life of an "average" Agarthan?
      Does the "average" Agarthan have a daily job?
      Does the "average" Agarthan need to earn a living?
      If so, is the "average" Agarthan free to choose their line of work?
      Is the "average" Agarthan free to allot their time as they see fit or do they need to adhere to some sort of schedule?
      Can the "average" Agarthan travel freely among their own kind?
      Where do they travel. if they do, and for what specific reasons?
      Are there different levels of spiritual/frequency/vibration among the Agarthans?
      If so, how much do they vary and are some a threat or a hindrance to the attainment of the more higher evolved Agarthans?
      What are the "average" Agarthan's dreams?
      What are the "average" Agarthan's goals?
      What brings the "average" Agarthan the most happiness/well being/satisfaction?
      What are the "average" Agarthan's specific hopes for their children & future generations?
      How are the "average" Agarthans lives most different than ours?
      How are the "average" Agarthans lives most similar to ours?
      What do the "average" Agarthans think is their most pressing concerns, concerning their future?
      How would the "average" Agarthans like their lives to be different?
      Do any of the Agarthans realize how passionately I want to be free of the current surface human condition and systematic economic slavery?
      Will they adopt me? *smile :)

      That is all for now. Sorry if you have already touched upon some of these topics in your previous PDF's . My biggest interest, as you may have noticed, is the view of the "average" Agarthan. Not necessarily those who are involved in the Resistance or GFL. Thanks for the opportunity to voice my questions, Contact Point. ~peace

    2. Thanks for a list of stimulating questions. I can tell you that viewpoints down there are as varied, or *more* varied than in any country, continent, or even our whole surface civilization. But I understand what you mean by "average", you just mean a non-military or non-governmental citizen. I will get to that list within 2 weeks, I hope. The answers should interest everyone.

  4. Hello, I would like to thank you for the hard work you've put into all this. I am surprised to find out that there were zero interest in Water, wow. I am interested in helping and hope others will join in and lend their helping hands.

    I'd like to ask a few questions:

    1. In 1947, Admiral Byrd went on a North Pole expedition and somehow ended up in Agartha, was that a hoax or true story?

    2. It is notable that in 1942 Nazi Germany sent out an expedition composed of some of its leading scientists in an attempt to find an entrance to the hollow earth. This project was endorsed by Göring, Hitler, and Himmler. Did this expedition happen?

    3. Are there some people on the surface directly related to the Agarthans and they don't even know it?

    4. Since the Earth is under the blockade(no one leaves, no one gets in), does that mean the people of Agartha are "stuck" here with us until the event?

    5. Is there any possibility of the people of Agartha coming up to the surface to help with things like Water before the event starts?

    That's all I have for now, will post some more later when I think of more questions.

  5. These are all good questions Ciauzar. Thanks... the more the merrier..

  6. Alex Jones interview with Ron Finley!

    Ron Finley Website Everyone should listen to what Ron has to say.

    Everyone Should check these links out Ron is promoting self sufficiency just like you Contact Point.

    1. Thanks Tim. I'll watch them if I get time...

    2. Yeah, that would be great, I also should've mentioned in my previous that Ron has won many victories against the city of Los Angeles and he helped get a law passed to where you can plant a vegetable garden beside a road without getting a fine. He is now trying to get the city to free up vacant lots for more gardening and therapeutic uses such as color therapy.

    3. Sounds like a good guy. Amazing you need to pass a law to grow a garden. Bob Dylan was right, but this phase will end soon.

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  8. Truth Seeker and Ciauzar, the answers to your questions come to about 20 pages so far. Thanks for helping disclosure... Anyone else?

    1. 1. How many continents are there in the inner earth?

      2. What are the names of the continents? (assuming there is more than one)

      3. Are there still remanents of pre historic creatures do any still exist in Agartha?

      4. Do Agarthans hunt?

      5. Do they smoke herbs?

      6. What is marriage for Agarthans and is it possible to married to more than one person?

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  10. Thanks Tim. I'll see what I can do with those questions. Maybe they'll go in part Five, which will be out in July...

    If anyone wants to ask any questions on strategies for the Reunion and the Reconstruction, I can answer those too, as I specialize in these subjects. Even within the topic of Agartha there are many sub-disciplines.