Tuesday 26 May 2015

Sharula Dux and The Future of Earth

Sam Hunter: I wonder if Contact Point could help us out here as clearly Contact Point may likely have a more optimistic view of Ms. Dux and her materials that relate to Agartha as well as to her claims as to "who she is" based on his own experience.Please, Contact Point... let us know what are the specific major attraction points that draw you open mindedly to this material?



My answer:

Never met her. She always seemed legit to me... Maybe she did steal the name from a sci-fi novel, who knows? I liked the description of the secret city, and after some brainstorming I figured out we could make a low tech Telos with currently available topside technology. Turning sci-fi into reality is something humans do routinely every couple of decades. If one day I discover there aren't magical cities hidden in the mountains all over Earth, I will take a drill and jackhammer and build them myself.

If she is a hoaxer, it's no real skin off my nose. It does not invalidate any of the financial, health and farming material that I have advocated. Nor does it negate any of my experiences with the Eastern Agarthan network, which were face to face, and very real...

Again, I am trying to provide something deeper than intel; strategic wisdom that speaks to people's core.


I fail to see why any nefarious secret society would go to the trouble of convincing a few young writers that hydroponics, heart disease meds and Kickstarter are going to change the timeline of this planet for the better. With the depth, quantity, and multi-country interaction we had, such a psy-op would have cost millions of USDollars to set up, comprising over 100 actors and bit players.

Absolute worst case: if any of this is a hoax, we still need to get our water, food and finances sorted out. I have looked the worst case scenario in the eye a number of times, and reasoned that whatever the external situation= ETs/Dracos/Pleiadeans/Blue Avians/Yellow Avians/Angry Birds/Andromedans/Surrounded by a fleet of evil aliens/fleet of good aliens/an indifferent universe/a hostile universe/a loving universe.... the answer is still the same:

Bilocate to regain our soul memories, regain health using available nutrition, and strengthen the organic finance and farming networks as much as possible. 

I don't see how anyone can dispute that base logic.

All scenarios: X, or Y, or Z, the answer is still the same: A, get it done.

We can keep pushing forward until the planet is liberated, that's all that counts.


Contact Point

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