Tuesday 21 July 2015


Our sources tell us that BRICS and the AIIB are just a smokescreen. If we are wrong, and they open up with a sincere plan, we will have lost nothing. If we are right, then researchers will waste months or years waiting, waiting, waiting for them to open...

We are still helping in the development of Microflow, a crowdfunding portal for 100USD and below. Our development costs are about 30USD per day. If you want to help speed up genuine economic liberation, you can send a donation  to the Paypal button in the right sidebar, or to the right sidebar in the Microflow site. 

(EDIT, the PitchInBox is broken right now. Looking for a new widget now)

Update: Contact With Agartha Part Five is still being written. The Chinese version is in the final stages of proofreading, and our PDF 25 Products for an Economic Revolution is still being slowly drafted. 

A more streamlined version of Microflow is here:

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