Sunday 23 August 2015

Healing the Oceans

Water supports all Life on this planet.  Nature always achieves a balance of co-operation, of perfect sharing... if left to its own devises Life always finds a way... to support more Life.  Most of us understand this, and respect the harmonic balance of nature.

But it only takes a few to disrupt the balance for all.  Chemical spills, oil leaks and radio-activity have disrupted the state of balance.  Make no mistake, the Earth will heal herself given time... but we can support Her in her efforts to add momentum to this recovery.

If a handful of men can caused all this damage, then it only makes sense that a handful of us (in partnership with the natural healing capabilities of Life itself) can speed up the process of restoring balance.

Many are already aware of the work of Dr. Emoto, which has scientifically proven our relationship to water... and all Life.  These principals are fundamental in the healing of Earth and ourselves in the process.  This video is worth watching, to further establish this into knowingness.

The Mariana Trench 

We will travel to the Mariana Trench, to Challenger Deep, the deepest spot in the ocean.  From this point, deep in the Pacific, we can support Earth in her natural "recycling process".  She takes in ALL, incorporates it into herself and from this is birthed new life.  Healthy, pure, and restored. 
Click link for more info... About the Mariana Trench


Sit, Relax, Breathe deeply...

Connect to your sacred Heart space

Allow all thoughts to melt away... until you are simply in state of Love and Beingness

Feel yourself underwater, the wetness on your skin

Become ONE with the water... (Feel as it Feels)

Request to go to the Mariana Trench

Allow yourself to navigate...

Once there, witness the Earth's healing efforts

She incorporates it All back in... giving it loving rebirth

Assist in any way your Heart guides...

Once this feels complete,  Feel yourself as the water of the ocean (as a whole)

You are Everywhere and Nowhere all at once

Being the Love that you ARE, Send your Love to the Ocean, and all Life that lives there

Visualize the Love emanating from your Heart spreading to every molecule of water

It is crystalline and pure... it is Healed... and so are you!

(These instructions are only a guideline, trust your Heart to guide and allow the moment to dictate where you go, what you see and how you feel)  Please share your experience here for All...

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