Sunday 20 September 2015

Bilocation Techniques Part III - Higher Dimensional Cities

Bilocation – A personal experience
 By Vera “Ariana” Le Doux


Our personal energy field/aura/cosmic egg has a pulse similar to the pulse of your heart. As you raise your vibration, the pulse increases. If you have seen the Star Trek series you may remember how the crew members stand on a transporter, and how they go into a state of shimmering, then disappear from the ship and materialize on the planet they are visiting. 

You raise your vibration by isualizing/thinking/intending your energy field increasing the  pulse to its maximum, set your intention where you wish to go and then you command – “Shimmer out!”  

You will feel a shift, as you are going from a vibrational experience to a tonal experience. Once you are ready to go back, you command “Shimmer back!”

The feeling here is that you are not going anywhere, you shift your frequency in your core, you activate your Inner Sun and expand into that which you choose to focus on in this hologram of who you are, you shape shift. Shimmering is my choice of bilocation method when working with the city of light concept.

Our group downloaded higher dimensional energy into the unified energy field of Taos with intention to create a portal of light, an intersection of dimensions and a pocket of higher dimensional light on a 3rd dimensional planet. We refer to this energy field Taos City of Light.

 We were assisted by the Arcturians, who taught us how to bilocate the entire energy field of Taos to planet Arcturus – to a specific place where we are received by the Arcturian guides and teachers/by our Arcturian Selves. We call this place Taos Star Sister City. On a regular basis our group shimmers the unified energy field of Taos to Taos on Arcturus, where we command “Release” of all energies that are out of alignment with the highest good for our community and then we fill it up with all that’s available to us in the NOW moment, be it Ascension Codes, upgrades or updates. We imprint the energy field of Taos from Earth with the higher dimensional Taos and it’s own experience of Ascension. Then we shimmer it to a position above the physical Taos on Earth, coming into alignment and then gently descend, permeating the physical Taos and the land.  

Try this in your city and imagine how it feels "lighted".

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