Tuesday 29 September 2015

Cobra Clarification. Propaganda for A Covert Banking System.

We have retracted the Nazi analogy in this article:


We apologize for that specific wording, as we do not wish this process to descend into mindless name calling.

We do however, think that it is 100 per cent fair to write that the Cobra group is unknowingly spreading propaganda for a covert, totalitarian banking regime.



1. IMF/BRICS/AIIB Whitewashing.
2. Partial Retraction/Clarification.
3. Cobra Group = Controlled Opposition.
4. Request Apology and Clarification from Cobra.
5. Restating the nature of our contact with Agartha.
6. Sworn Legal Appeal to the Agartha Network.


1.IMF/BRICS/AIIB Whitewashing

Cobra is trying to paint the IMF S.D.R scheme as a renegade white-hat banking system:

Friday, January 24, 2014


The Eastern Alliance is preparing to foreclose on the Federal Reserve:
And to introduce Special Drawing Rights (SDR) to form the backbone of the new financial system, which will be underwritten by gold:
SDR can now be exchanged for US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds and Japanese Yen:
Chinese Yuan and Swiss Franc will be added to this basket of currencies at the Reset. 

In reality, Special Drawing Rights have been around since 1969:


In the period 1969-2015, the International Monetary Fund brought Africa to its knees, bringing a humanitarian holocaust far more devastating than the German WWII genocide, in terms of loss of life.


This is what centralized banking did to Africa (warning, graphic poverty):


This is what centralized banking did to Europe in 2015:


AIIB Corruption

Here is an AIIB boss, Bambang Brodjonegoro, in 2015, saying he has no interest in rural development:

"The China-led bank won’t focus on “irrigation systems, arterial roads, rural roads,Mr. Brodjonegoro said, citing knowledge ” of continuing negotiations on the new bank. “It’s good, because ADB and World Bank basically are covering more basic infrastructure,” he said.


The World Bank already has basic infrastructure covered? How out of touch is this man? Watch this video, and judge for yourself if he is a banking whitehat:


There is no evidence whatsoever that the AIIB, BRICS, and the IMF will do anything to alleviate poverty in 2015.

IF poverty alleviation does come, it will be through grassroots and private efforts. 

These are the plans that got us Agarthan contact in 2009-2013.

Genuinely benevolent subterranean's would not filter money through corrupt political networks. 

The longer people follow controlled opposition, the longer they will be stuck here. 

2. Partial Retraction

While it may be inaccurate to label Cobra's movement Nazism, we think it is fair to call many of his financial posts spin-doctoring for a dishonest, violent, totalitarian banking cartel, cleverly masked as a folksy, renegade, spiritual, new age people's movement.

We believe the Cobra group are co-opting and delaying the on-coming Renaissance in four major ways:


i) Offering centralized banking when finance needs to fragment into crowdfunding and microfinance.

ii) Offering new political messiahs (Putin) when people need to discover their own inner heroism.

iii) Offering banking governance from the East, when humans should walk free on the Earth.

iv) Offering high tech curing devices, when many people are sick because of simple nutritional deficiencies. (We support curing devices, but only if they are reasonably priced and effective.)


In short, the Cobra group is offering Slavery 2.0. They are asking people to outsource their own power and sovereignty to a new set of heroes, who will inevitably disappoint.

The antidote to all this is genuine grassroots action. There is abundant hope for the future, but people need to take their own destiny in their hands. 

We appeal to the Agartha Network, and all networks observing this blog, to mediate and balance this situation.


We believe Cobra does have subterranean information sources, but not all of them are sincere. We have been clear that not everyone in the subterranean world is honest. It is naive to suppose this would be the case.

3. Controlled Opposition: Consent

The people of Earth, especially those born with a mission to to liberate this planet, would never accept a straight up global government power grab. In order to make this banking game work, they need our consent.

Note that the AIIB/BRICS/IMF bankers are not offering you any new money. They are just making an offer to spend YOUR tax money in a slightly more benevolent manner. Or create more debt in your name. Do you want them to control humanity's purse strings for the next hundred years?

A move towards pseudo-benevolent global government would only work if people were tricked into thinking any changes came from a group of white-hat liberators.

The true white hats are us; everyone reading this blog. We are active in all walks of life, just not making a show of it.

We believe Cobra and the groups surrounding him are unknowing controlled opposition.

We are petitioning the Agartha Network, and all networks reading this blog, to restrain, dissolve, and expose the Cobra group as quickly as possible.

Previous requests have been submitted to Agartha concerning the Red Dragons, David Wilcock, Jorge Bergoglio, Neil Keenan, and others. Readers can judge for themselves how effective they have been. 

4. Request Apology and Clarification

We request the following apology and clarification from Cobra:

- An apology for linking Vladimir Putin to a subterranean liberation plan (or concrete proof that he is involved).

- An apology for selling over-priced healing devices to sick people, and inferring they are linked to the subterranean civilization of Agartha and the Subterranean Resistance Movement.

- A detailed clarification, written under penalty of perjury, on what "a certain form of contact" means. We have written this article under penalty of perjury, as proof of our honesty.

- An apology for inferring subterranean sponsorship of various over-priced vanity projects, when there are ongoing humanitarian disasters that need real attention.

- KEY: A retraction of the claim that his blog represents the official voice of the Resistance Movement.


Our recent articles were written after an 18 month effort was made to reach out to Cobra. Many emails to him were ignored. Meanwhile, the ridiculous Blue Avians story was forced on people. As there was no other option, we had no choice but to go public.

5. Restating the Nature of Our Contact

We have had, (please take note Rob Potter) PHYSICAL contact with the Agartha Network from December 2009 to Februray 2013. Since then we have had to rely on our inner guidance, etheric contact, and surface collaborators, just like everyone else.

Our physical contact was:

i) Occasionally with real Agarthans (first 'formal' meeting Dec 09).

ii) Many, many times with surface dwellers who had physical access to subterranean cities and Lemurian air cities.

iii) With surface dwellers who could go to Agartha and elsewhere etherically. 

We met many people who could go to underground cities, and spend hundreds of hours with them.

Our physical contact seems more accurate than Robert Potter's claimed contact with Semjase:

"I made a promise to Semjase before I left the ship on the teleportation beam and I am fulfilling part of that promise by sharing with you here on this site my most intimate and personal struggles and victories of the light in my life and as I have witnessed them on the surface of the planet and in my personal life.

I promised to her that one day I would create a show, a party of love to honor the Galactic Federation of Light."



We do not claim to represent the Agartha Network, but we are one of the few surface dwelling groups allowed to use their name. If we were lying, we would have been killed or sidelined by now. 

We make the occasional protocol mistake, but we believe our ideas are solid, and will stand the test of time. We don't like to see the good name of the subterraneans co-opted in the name of prolonging surface banking hegemony.

We do not represent Agartha, but we speak under their sponsorship. Our occasional mistakes are our own fault, not theirs. 

Our ideas and plans stand permanent, when all the hot air and promises of the blogger scene turn to dust.

6. Legal Appeal to the Agartha Network

To prove our sincerity, we are currently writing an appeal to the Agarthan, Amenti, and Universal Courts.

We do not claim to be the only people who can appeal to Agartha and Amenti (Amenti is a specialized etheric area, comprising a spiritual court and other "control rooms" for this reality). 

Any human can appeal to the universal courts, by writing a sworn declaration, signing it, and posting it on a wall, or online.

We will also be writing a list of requests for Cobra over the coming months.

Readers, please do not attempt to write this off as a minor tactical disagreement between colleagues.

Please do not be so naive to think you are first in line for some "collateral account handout." Banking/investment white hats will be looking for pre-existing charities and initiatives, not a conclave of gullible online narcissists. Please note: not every collateral accounts reader is a "gullible online narcissist", but there is a small group of people in the blogger/financial intel community who think they will be given a free handout for no reason. I have no idea why they believe that. 

We repeat our call to the Agartha Network, Shamballa, Amenti, and all benevolent freedom networks in the universe and beyond, to expose, restrain, balance and remove the Cobra Group, along with those funding and manipulating them, using all their strength, as soon as possible. 

Thank you for all your help so far. 

I certify under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Executed on 30th September, 2015.

Contact Point/Daozen

I certify, under penalty of perjury, upon my connection to the liberation forces, that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Executed on 30th September, 2015.

Contact Point/Daozen

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