Sunday 13 September 2015

Hey Bourgeois Liberator!

Hey Liberator!

Are you working for planetary liberation

Are you sure? This will be a quick, blunt post. 

- One of the first things any Agarthan or extra-terrestrial trainee learns is to access their intuitive, psychic and etheric projection capabilities. This allows them to converse with their deeper heart/mind, guides, and soul family. 

If you are promoting, reading or otherwise energizing Blue Avian or data-mined Secret Space Program info, you are directly working against your own liberation, by acting as a sedated spectator, and not cultivating your own psychic and etheric projection abilities. This will only slow down liberation. Laugh it up. 


- The Agartha Network is working for a decentralized financial system. Any other financial system can be easily subverted. 

If you are promoting BRICS, AIIB or any other centralized system you are being used to implement a globalized banking system based in the East. That system will be no better than the IMF or World Bank. No subterranean funds will come through a globalist organ like that. If you are promoting centralized finance, instead of fragmented Microfinance, you are directly slowing down liberation and the freedom of everyone on this planet. 


- The liberation forces want people to discover their own masculinity, drive, authority, control, and inner resources. 

If you are pushing any "Putin-is-our-man-on-the-inside" propaganda you are directly slowing down liberation by pushing external saviours when people should be building their own future for themselves. Remember 8 years ago, when Obama was the man on the unicorn coming to save the world? 

If Putin is your friend, why is he not promoting heart disease cures, that have been around for decades? He either can't, or won't.


- The Agartha Network wants people to discover the power that lies deep within their chakras. These are the true inner jewels. We want people to learn inner door meditation techniques, and cleanse the soul deeply. 

If you are selling or promoting quack devices and spiritual trinkets you are directly working against your own liberation, by encouraging people to focus on physical objects, when in fact, it is our biosuit that is maybe one of the most powerful in the universe. Why are you selling people their own power?

We kindly suggest you think about what you are doing, before you go meddling in areas you are not qualified to act in. 


Please don't give us the fake-intel line about how we're "all different but working towards the same goal". 

How do you know? Have you had any real contact with the true liberation forces? Or do you get all your "intel" from blogs?  How much of this "intel" ends up as garbage 2 months after it's released? You're lying to yourself. It's called controlled opposition, and it's been around since Soviet times at least. 

We are allied with billions of farmers, microfinanciers, nutritionists, musicians, and anyone else in the genuine resistance. We are not allied with liberator honeypots, and dragnets for starseeds. 

They knew you were coming, and they laid traps for you. 

If you weren't so self-absorbed, you could see through them.

After liberation, there will be lockouts from certain areas. 

Do the Bourgeois Liberators believe they can sponsor a centralized banking power grab and then just walk away if it doesn't work? I don't think so. We are being watched closely. 

It's not like we didn't do our best to warn you. So don't go crying if you chose the wrong team.

The timeline is bifurcating as we speak. 

There's no longer time to let people lie to themselves.  We have delivered this message nicely for 6 years now, and not enough people listened. So now you get a blunter delivery. It annoys us to watch unqualified, self important muppets meddling in areas they just don't understand. 

Voting in the etheric domain is now underway. Pick a side. 

No, you may not cast two votes. 


  1. I am completely with you on this. Thank you for posting, Contact!

  2. All the answers we seek are in oursevelves already. It is now about reconnecting and reuniting with our true essence. Thank you for this great info and powerfully awakening words! Right on...

    1. Cheers! Hopefully it will wake some people up.

      The energies are changing powerfully today. The more we define our own path and freedom, the more we can create the timeline we want.

    2. Hi @Contact Point !

      Once again I fail to recognize some basic things here. Can you explain how the New Financial system will NOT obliterate cognitive dissonance in the Western World?

      I mean we can spend all day discussing the degree of infiltration and the meme "the new centralized power structure made in Russia and China" is just a face lift and won't get us anywhere.

      Please note I'm not defending "the new financial system" . I'm just making some hard questions here .
      The "new financial system" it's not centralized. Tell me what's going to happen when people in China and Greece start to use bitcoins ?

      Cryptocurrency's are DECENTRALIZED and P2P and they were a seed planted 5 years ago by the Liberation Forces for we to use when the current system get's replaced.

      By the way can you explain how the New System will rise the standards of living without being complemented LOCAL CURRENCY'S and CRYPTOCURRENCY'S ?

      It WON'T. It's a bit technical I know but the issue here is that asset backed systems simply put, can't supply all the money we need for local transactions.

      The "New System" is for international commerce only! It's for removing control of private institutions over OUR money supply and countries will be FORCED to liberalize the money "market".

      Remember cryptocurrency's are accessible through any computer, smartphone or tablet. You don't need a debit card, ATM or even a wallet!

      My questions for you are:

      - why do you invest so much time pounding the the BRICS / PUTTIN / AI timeline but you don't put up a video explaining:

      - what's a cryptocurrency and how it works!
      - what's a LETS (
      - How can be people issue their own currency for local use and bypass centralized currencies
      - why don't I EVER heard you mention the expression Commercial Credit Circuit? Do you know what that is? It's a form of MICROFINANCE without using... currencies... yeah you read correctly.

      Also you're making me concerned that you could be an outlet for disinformation by NOT mentioning PERMACULTURE.

      If you want to focus on Regenerating the Ecossystems and end Famine and Poisoning NOW you can do it NOW using permaculture techniques and principles.

      But if you want to keep wasting your time dividing people between the ones that will fall into the endless pit of the BRICS / PUTIN / AI facelift "same thing as the old one" and the ones that will not be my guest.

      You know not all of us that read the Blue Avians stuff, Wilcock or Fulford are stupid...

      It all depends of how strong your multidimensional psychic structure is.

      You can assimilate consciousness expanding information WITHOUT takin' it as a religion and question it always.

      It's not all a matter of resonating with me or not. Does it expand your understanding on a given topic? Does it inspire you to take action? Did it awoke you to a particular mind-blowing possibility that you were previously unaware of? Does it empower you to change anything in your immediate reality?

      Hey I can read the ZAP and the Ambassador reports but I still know how to do a reeds bed

      (by the way the most cost efficient infrastructure to purify water for remote and polluted areas)

      Highest Frequency's

      PS: don't get me wrong as I have been pounded by the WAVE also so ;-)

    3. There are definitely some good ideas coming out: BTC, LETS, Permaculture and other systems. I am all for a thousand economic experiments. I just don't want 50-100 men in a room responsible for a 50-100billion dollar bank. It will be the same old nonsense again.

      You still haven't explained why China are using the AIIB to geopolitically bully Taiwan:

      and the first policy interview from the AIIB showed total disinterest in rural or slum development:


      Two separate issues here: experimental financial systems, which are good, and centralized banking, which doesn't help. In my view, if any small group has control over any sum bigger than a billion, it's centralized. That money belongs to the people of Earth...

      Each to their own, you have brought up some interesting ideas.


    4. @contact point I understand your issues but the wall street jornal hardly can be classified as reliable, and taking in consideration recent clashes between the USA and China those articles can be easely classified as disinformation.

      Old habits die hard and that could be the case between China and Taiwan. For sure it can't be solved with opposing forces in the background trying to manipulate events to suit their interests.

      Therefore like I said before I tend to prefer zero hedge take on it.

      I've checked it over with multiple sources... The new financial system can't be centrally controlled because is multi-polar and asset backed. Simply put There will be barely enough assets for issuing currency for international trade.

      It's completely unsuitable for local and even national trade.

      Therefore it HAS to be complemented by non centralised currency's and exchange systems.

      That's the hole point of it. It's on plaine sight if you know where to look.

  3. Recently, I have also realised that most of channelings are basically repeating the same thing over and over again. Everything that we should know has been already spoken and indeed all of this is within ourselfves.
    Nevertheless chanellings or staff like this can help us remember that we are something bigger ;)

  4. Yep channeling is the easiest way to spread disinformation. Im glad to see you realize the value of the inner planes and your right were all part of something bigger :)