Tuesday 8 September 2015

Liberation Mission in 1991.

10,000 people in Brixton Academy, 1991. Doing their best under blockade conditions. No complaining or waiting. Just getting on with their lives and giving all their energy to raise the roof. Look at the crowd. Who are the real lightworkers on this planet?


  1. Lol I thought it was the ignorant new agers who wear colorful robes and attend conferences that achieve nothing while ignoring real world issues. ;)

  2. lol. Most of them are wasting their time. But it's a difficult one to call because there are powerful souls here who are incarnated just to hold the light. You do meet some good people in those circles. But it is so deeply infiltrated it is a big headache.

    On a planet of starving people, no one has the right to swan around in robes. We should be gardening.