Friday 25 September 2015

Planetary Timeline Update: Friday September 25th, 2015

We are building an organic liberation timeline. Our updates contain actionable information.

We do not claim to be the sole voice of the Resistance. 

If you are turning love into action somewhere in the universe, you are the Resistance.  


There is considerable photographic evidence that Vladimir Putin has passed away/resigned, and a double has stepped in. This is normal in politics, but the new double is being used consistently, even for high level visits and interviews:

Janet Yellen needed medical attention while giving a speech last night:

The Pope was looking worried and withdrawn in his latest trip to the US:

Will there be another U.S. Government shutdown? Will anyone care?

ACTION: If you want to help speed up liberation; breath deeply and slowly, and imagine the old power structure fading away, dissolving, dissipating calmly and cleanly. Imagine building the world you want, with the funds you need. 

Hold the outgoing elite, including their secret handlers, in your heart, and know that they are removed.


The press is continuing to hint at subterranean mysteries.

And subterranean life on other planets:

ACTION: Spreading articles like this slowly breaks the veil, and moves our planetary awareness into the cosmos.


Heart disease is the biggest killer on the planet.

Arterial cures have been available for years. 

ACTION: If you share pictures like the jpgs below, you could go a long way to healing heart disease. An image search for "heart disease, Vitamin C", brings many results. 

Informational jpgs are a powerful way to spread news. Building health momentum now speeds up the liberation process, puts us on an organic timeline, and harmonizes us with more advanced societies. Waiting around for a release of technology will only slow things down. 

You could say every human has mild heart disease, in the form of depression, lethargy, and malaise. 

More on heart disease:


Science-Fiction writer Corey Goode has released a very imaginative story about his subterranean travels. The inclusion of the character "Gonzalez" should appeal to the Mexcian OVNI market.

ACTION: We do not need to go through Corey Goode to reach the subterranean world. 

Anyone can bilocate to Telos or other cities any time they desire, and make their own connection

Or try visiting anywhere else in the solar system, through the stargate in your heart. There are dozens of articles on Bilocation on our site.


This is an ancient Chinese I Ching symbol and text that signifies BREAKTHROUGH:

"This hexagram signifies on the one hand a break-through after a long accumulation of tension, as a swollen river breaks through its dikes, or in the manner of a cloudburst. On the other hand, applied to human conditions, it refers to the time when inferior people gradually begin to disappear. Their influence is on the wane; as a result of resolute action, a change in conditions occurs, a break-through. The hexagram is linked with the third month [April-May]."

ACTION: Meditating on the quality of Breakthrough will draw that energy from inside of us, into the external world. We are co-creating a collaborative hologram together. 


Action can be as simple as sharing useful information on social media, or mediating and holding Earth deep in your heart.

We have all the information we need. We don't need any more updates. Every action we take makes the planetary freedom thought-form stronger. 

The etheric dampening technology is getting weaker by the day. 

Chemtrails are slowing down:

The Resistance is not external to us. We are blockaded, but we are not hostages. John Connor and Sarah Connor represent all liberation oriented humans. 

If you're reading this, you are the Resistance. 


  1. Great work!!! It has been on my mind these last two days as to why there are several clones of Putin. I read a book called, "A Blackmailers Guide to New Zealand" written by Greg Hallett. It was written a few years ago with information in it about the prime minister of New Zealand who was then a woman named Helen Clark. According to him she was KGB trained. She is now strategically placed in the United Nations. There was mention of several clones of Putin in this book (4 from memory).

    1. I'm sure there are several clones, Poppy. It wouldn't be hard with today's technology. And even if people can't get behind clones... doubles/actors would do just fine.

      Take Care.

  2. Much incredible information here! Thanks for all your hard work and research and for reminding that holding a state of love has a great impact on the world around us. The old system is dissolving and we are free to dream a new dream of freedom, abundance and peace for all.

    1. Thanks Red Pill, your emails have inspired me, and caused me to re-evaluate things. I especially like your Ranger/King analogy.

  3. thanks for this reminder and inspiration to take "ACTION: Meditating on the quality of Breakthrough will draw that energy from inside of us, into the external world. We are co-creating a collaborative hologram together." i feel empowered reading your words, in this post and others. may the force be with us, As us.

    1. Yes, may the force be with us. Or even: The force IS us...

      Mitochondria are midichlorians. Lucas admitted this in a 2005 Rolling Stone interview.

  4. We are being hammered with chemtrails here. Though we are having breaks of 4 to 5 days before they hit again. We have not had them bad untill this year really. And I saw a grid in the sky last week. I was watching a airliner. As we are not a commercial fly zone. I was looking for chemtrails. and waaay up there high above the plane I saw a perfectly formed grid in the sky. Then we were hammered with chemtrails for the nest 4 days and then I saw it though the chemtrail haze as it was patchy, the haze, and it was exactly the same. perfectly formed grid of squares. Dark shadows formed the lines. It was just like the square wire in safety glass. Though I was seeing things to start. But I was not. as far as I could see was the grid. it did look just like the safety glass for the closest description :). My first thought was the square math books we had as children in school.