Wednesday 9 September 2015

The Halls of Justice: Amenti and Beyond

 Amenti Part II

The Halls of Justice- Earth herself presides here.  She is a neutral moderator.  Speak here and you will be heard.

Earth holds space and acceptance for all of us in her Heart.  She has been patiently waiting for all of us to wake up.  She could have shaken us all off a long time ago  like the "parasites" we can sometimes act like... that is if she wanted to.  But she chose to allow.  Neutrality means not in duality of "right and wrong" and "good and evil" etc...

She recognizes us for what we all are in reality... Love.  She sees our true nature and waits for us to see it as well, in ourselves and in our brothers and sisters.  So, it is difficult to talk about judgment when she truly holds none.  She knows that all "evil" on this planet was created by an illusion and cannot fault any of us for participating in perpetuating it... for we all are guilty to varying degrees.

Amenti is not a place for punishment, but is it where we can call out illusion, holding it accountable and allow for its dissolution.  It is more simply about the restoration of natural balance.  If one, entering Amenti seeks remedy and resolve, taking responsibility for their part in permissioning and creating disharmony, then balance can once again be achieved.  By withdrawing consent and permission we can break the contracts that have bound us.  We are then free to create something new that is in keeping with the natural order of Life. 

Once we see through the illusion that has created anything that may cause a dispute, the illusion can then be dissolved.  This may manifest as some going for recycling to the Central Sun...  If there is any Life spark left in them it will not cease to exist.  Nothing that is Real can ever be lost!  The illusion is the only thing that "dies"... for it was never real.  When it is accepted and incorporated back into the whole it dissolves with Love.

The Halls of Justice is also where we break the illusion of Karma, since it is only a belief system that made it real.  Forgiveness and empathy are the keys to ending the karmic debt cycle.  Empathy allows us to "walk in someone else's shoes", and "judge not least we be judged".  And when we forgive, we free not only ourselves, but any other who we have perceived to have done us harm.  We are no longer destined to repeat the same situations and can move into a different creation of our own free will. 

The Keyholders will meet with us here.  We can reclaim the power that we have given away, and reclaim Earth for humanity.  At some point, all of us agreed and permissioned the current situation our planet faces... a lot of us are still doing it to this day.  Everytime we deny responsibility for our own creation, we are giving consent for this to continue.  First we must reclaim our Key, but also they are under instruction (by us... long ago) to not give us their Key until we are free of vengeance in our Hearts, since this state of being will only incur further karmic debt.  But, when we are ready to meet with Love, they will listen, respond and both Keys can be used together.  When we can stand in Amenti and see the face of God in those we are accusing, knowing that they have only harmed because they do not know the truth of who they are, then we know we have truly learned to see through the illusion... just as Earth always has.

There is an Empire already created for us... in fact, we assisted in its creation long ago, and that is the Empire of Life!  We can choose to rejoin this at any time, it has always been there.  And it holds the natural order and balance that we seek.

Bring to the Halls of Justice any legal paperwork you or others have created for reclaiming Earth for humanity and read it aloud... bring your wish and desire to see all healed and united... bring your vision for establishing a natural timeline...
Sing a song you wrote or love...

Read a poem you wrote...

Use your voice and speak from the Heart!


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    1. Yeah, and look how it gets ignored! But we decided we don't care any more. If only 5-10 people start to apply this info, it could have a big effect...

  2. Please, give me the link to the first part of this wonderful article ( Amenti Part 1).Thank you so much! <3