Thursday 17 September 2015

The Heart of the Earth

Amenti Part IV

The Heart of Earth- She holds space for us all to thrive with her and lovingly allows us to discover the way for ourselves.  She carefully stores and protects our collective as well as individual history, so that all is preserved and never lost.

She desires to once again transcend the 3rd dimension and although she is experiencing in multiple dimensions simultaneously, she wishes all her children will join her there in unity.  She patiently waits.

The Heart of the Earth could also be compared to the Fire of Mt. Doom.  This is the fire of creation and purification.  It is the fire that will burn all that is NOT real... all illusion.  We ARE real, we ARE Life, we cannot burn... but all the false beliefs, the ego... will.  To be re-absorbed back with Love.  Can we let go of the illusion?... Throw away the Ring...

On any given journey to Amenti, we may experience the fire.  Allow it to melt away and dissolve all that is not your true essence.  We may also see a flower in Her Heart.  This is the Flower of Life that connects all with Love.  When we merge with it, we are One with Her. 

All may have different experiences in Amenti... it is a place of unlimited possibility.  As in all things, we seem to "see" what we are ready to see, and bring with us in every journey what is in our hearts.  Please share with all what you see, feel and learn here... when we share we can expand our understanding!

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