Friday, 25 September 2015

Torsion Rotational Device: Planetary Resistance Movement Defy Big Pharma, Release Technology/Ancient Techniques to Combat Heart Disease

Planetary Update:

Heart disease is the biggest killer on the planet. The subterranean resistance movement has released 3 technologies and an ancient technique that can drastically reduce arterial and cardio disease. These technologies will set at a fair price for the general public, and be leaked into surface shops by certain surface agents over the coming months.

Resistance Technologies, September 2015.

1) Torsion Rotational Device
2) Ankle Pumping Device
3) Secret Heart Disease Cure Technique
4) Solfeggio tones to increase cardio concentration

Heart Disease Reduction Technology

1) The Torsion Rotational Device, fast mode:

2) Ankle Pumping Bio-Device

3) Secret Heart Disease Cure Technique

4) Here is a set of special solfeggio tones and energizing images that can help concentration:


TRD's and APD's will be available to the public from all Resistance approved stores.

If you're reading this, you are the Resistance.


More info: 


  1. hey the solfeggio link goes to rocky balboa movie,

    1. How do you know those aren't solfeggio frequencies they're using?

  2. Buna gluma, acum trecem la lucruri serioase?

    1. It is a "serious joke"- the cures for heart disease have been around for 30 years, and no one in the self-proclaimed liberation networks cares enough to do anything about it. So I ask them: Are they real liberators?

  3. NONE of the Youtube URL are accurate....misdirection abounds! Would LOVE to have the proper ones to help save the life of a dear friend!
    Please send them to;

    1. Check the links under "more info" Steve. Linus Pauling Therapy, Detoxadine, Richard Schulze.

      And this:

      The point is, heart disease cures are in the public domain, they are just completely ignored because of apathy and novelty addiction.

      You could also try asking at Project Avalon.

      I would buy some Detoxadine and Liposomal Vit C for starters.

      Any questions please ask...

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