Tuesday 15 September 2015

Voice of the Subterranean. Cobra Resistance or The Resistance?


Violet flame/Iodine

The Resistance: If you want to access the healing violet flame/frequency, you can buy detoxadine or Lugol's solution (Iodine). Buy it anywhere you want, you don't need to give us a kickback. 

Cobra Resistance: If you want to access the healing violet flame/frequency, you need to buy a range of expensive products with unproven healing capability. 


Healing Water

The Resistance: If you want to make healing water, take a glass bottle of water, and play mantras through it for a few hours:

...or put crystals in the bottle, hold it in your hand, and charge it with your own love

Cobra Resistance: If you want healing water, you must pay 30-46 USD per glass. No refunds, thanks. 



Hidden Funds

The Resistance: Large hidden funds belong to HUMANITY. If they are ever disbursed in our lifetime, they will come quietly through crowdfunding, and anonymous surface investor mechanisms. To get them, you need to work hard and make a coherent crowdfunding or investor pitch. 

Cobra Resistance: Large hidden funds belong to ME.  

Actually there are vast funds that rightfully belong to me and could be put into good use in those projects, but the Jesuit faction is constantly blocking my access to that money. I keep fighting to get it back for years, but as of yet, without success.


Who are the Resistance?

The Resistance: If you are reading this, YOU ARE the Resistance, with a capital R. We just had our brains wiped when we were born in the surface world. Musicians, organic farmers, healers, nutritionists, strategists, water purifiers, all working together to create positive space, and resist the blockade.

Cobra Resistance: The Resistance movement is external to you. Please sit tight for the next update. 

*NOTE: Subterranean resistance is real, but we are unfortunately not sure how good Cobra's contacts are.

Visiting the Other Planes

The Resistance: You may explore infinity for yourself, if you just learn to bilocate/OBE/astral project. (Lots of free bilocation articles on this site)

Cobra Resistance: Corey J Goode, Infraguard data miner,  is exploring infinity on your behalf! No need to do it yourself. Sit back, lay down, and stay tuned for the next exciting update. 


The Resistance: You are a living part of the grid. And just by existing, you are holding down the light. 

Cobra Resistance: You pay a very, very important single person to do grid work for you in secret. Support our jet set lightworkers!

KEY POINT: Live Economies vs Faith Economies

The Resistance: You can, right now, plug into 3 living economies: 2 million a day through crowdfunding, 3 billion Bitcoin economy, untold money through investors. NOW! (It's not easy, but at least you have a chance.)

Cobra Resistance: You take, on faith, and faith alone, the fact that AIIB/BRICS and other banks are benevolent financial institutions, despite tons of evidence to the contrary. Despite the fact that the latest globalist happy party, the EU, ended in tears: 




Do you BELIEVE? Do you have FAITH? Sit tight, relax, and wait for the latest financial "Intel". SOON! 

That core doctrinal difference: Centralized banking vs Microfinance, between our group and Cobra is a major red flag, and can't be brushed under the carpet by even the slickest spin doctor. 

How Soon is Now?

The Resistance: NOW!

Cobra Resistance: SOON!

Human Power

The Resistance: You have extreme power in your throat chakra, heart centre, and the rest of the human endocrine system. You can find this power by using internal meditation methods. 

Cobra Resistance: We will sell you your own power with an array of trinkets. 

Lighting Africa

The Resistance: We currently sponsor a hand cranked light liberation project, illuminate a whole village for 2 dollars per bulb.


Cobra Resistance: We supported the QEG, 50-100,000USD crowdfunded, and no success. 

NOTE: It's OK to make mistakes, but Cobra said "the light forces." wanted people to support the QEG, and people unquestioningly did so.

The Light Forces have requested that as many Event Support Groups as possible begin constructing their own QEG units as soon as possible.

Which light forces? We were trying to reach out to him then in spring 2014. We showed him the Agarthan sponsored plan for emergency food and water multiple times over a 7 month period, and he showed very little interest until September 2014. 



Why the total lack of interest in humanitarian issues, and the emphasis on redundant lightworker vanity projects? Herdthink is dangerous, and will cost you time, readers. 

Keeping Prices Fair and Low. 

The Resistance: Don't sell any prohibitively expensive items. Most expensive item 20 USD. 

Cobra Resistance: Sells many items worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Contact With Agartha

The Resistance: We had 4 years (Dec 2009-Feb 2013) of physical contact with real Agarthans (rare, but it happened), and people with permission to visit underground cities. 

Cobra Resistance: Has a "certain form of contact." 

The Subterranean Influence

The Resistance: The Agarthan plan is open, common sense, logical and humble, and is unfolding before our eyes right now, in the form of organic food and farming, pure water, micro-finance/micro-crowdfunding and nutrition. Liberation is unfolding NOW! Do something.

Agarthans are openly walking among us, are regularly on TV and the press, and have built some of the world's biggest websites. They are working directly with the surface population, but do not ever reveal where they are from. The guy at the cafeteria next to you could be from Agartha. You would never know. 

Cobra Resistance: The Agarthan plan is secret, clandestine, only known by special, authorized people, and will unfold "After" the event. Liberation will come SOON! Sit tight! 

"COBRA – Okay.  The Agarthan network is not working directly with the surface population.  They have very few contacts with the surface population and I know some of them, but I will not release their plans right now.  They’re working their own way.  Some of the people with indirect contact are visible on the surface. They release intel in one way or the other.  But those who have more direct contact do not work in public.  They work indirectly through some other people.  They guide certain projects indirectly, but they are not part of the surface information network."

Human life has Value

Cobra Resistance: We will end this update with something beautiful 100USD plus per night. http://www.wisdompills.com/2015/08/11/china-to-build-worlds-first-amethyst-crystal-hotel/

The ResistanceWe will end this update with something beautiful. 2 cents per liter

Resistance Lite: For when real resistance is just too damn difficult. 

This is not an Attack

Every day people waver in their voting, and sponsor the fake liberation timeline with their hope and naivety, our families languish under the blockade. The stealth aggression is coming from the centralizing forces. Mischaracterizing this article as an "attack" (as has happened many times with our articles) is prissy at best, and highly manipulative at worst. 


The attacking forces are the centralized bankers and their naive, gullible, greedy propagandists. 

If this article doesn't make you think, you are what's known as a "true believer." If so, please contact me, I have a bridge for sale. A tachyonized bridge. 

For the peacemaker fence-sitter types, who rationalize everything. "Hey, you guys, can't we all jus' get along." Yes, there is significant overlap between Cobra and us, but after 18 months of attempting to reach out and talk sense into Cobra, we have given up. We believe it is wrong to monetize people's hope in this way. We think his audience is being kept in a holding pattern while a genuine Renaissance unfolds around them. He has been saying SOON for 3.5 years. Despite the blunt tone of this article, we are writing it to help HIM get off planet, as we are sure he is tired of this stand-off too. 

The biggest difference between his supposed subterranean plan, and ours; is that we want humanity's billion dollar economy to flow through interest free micro-finance, whereas Cobra's "Resistance Movement" want this money to flow through centralized bankers. 

Is Cobra in touch with the read deal?

If you're reading this, you are the resistance. 

We will also note, that a lot of Cobra's core doctrine comes from David Wilcock's narcissistic fantasies (mass arrests, etc). And Wilcock has recently endorsed Cobra. That is cause for concern. Is Cobra a programmed MILAB like Corey Goode?


We think both Cobra and Wilcock are "front-running" or "banner-waving", that is to say, taking the credit for other unknown, truly benevolent forces. 

"It's time for Unity"

No, it's time for common sense. 

Forget about the backstory, we can't prove that now. Look at the logic. Look at the (we hope) integrity and honesty. 

We hereby invite David Wilcock and Cobra (for the twentieth time) to use their presence to help humanity in its hour of need,  to support water purification, micro-finance, nutritional heart disease medication, and farming. This is one of the quickest routes to breakout, and the quickest way to bring on etheric liberation, as each effort fires the grid in unbelievable ways

But we are, sadly, 99 percent sure that they will ignore this appeal. They have done so many times in the past. The offer to consult rationally is on the table, but that offer will be met with a deep, deep, silence. A silence that monetizes, but shows no interest in the basic needs of their audience. 

Ask yourselves why.



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  2. I was talking to my father the other day I told him about the cobra resistance he laughed and quoted Rutger Hauer's character in blade runner: 'I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate.''- Roy Batty Lol! Btw he kept telling me he doesn't believe the cobra resistance is real as he is quite an anomaly himself he does however consider you to be the most genuine contact he has seen yet. I should also mention we both think you should know tachyons are real however we can't vouch for the authenticity of the cobra tachyons, but you should look into the work of Captain Hans Kohler. This person to my knowledge rediscovered tachyons in the modern era.

  3. Tell your father I said thanks, and hi!

    There is much truth to Cobra's message. He has done some good. It's just wrong to overcharge for something that we can get from nature. It centralizes power and cuts out people without enough money. We support ethical businesses 100%, but there are limits.

    You are welcome to write a short intro piece to Hans Kohler if you want, just 5-10 lines and a video to let people do their own research. Just an idea... only if you get time. I think you could knock something like that out in 5-7 minutes.


  4. We will know the truth when the Cabal criminals get arrested and the wars stop and everybody gets taken care of financially. This is the plan. Until then why criticize and straw-man attack someone sharing truth and great tachyon products (they are great by the way), just because he's not promoting your project? This is dumb.
    If the light forces hadn't already stepped in, we would already have had scorched-Earth WW3 many times now, they are helping but it is a hostage situation and must go step-by-step.
    I sincerely wish you success in your work, but this hit piece is laaaaammmme.

  5. And also, I know that every dedicated listener of Cobra is doing much to end the Cabal, and this is what is happening step by step. Its a team process. You have great ideas don't smear them with this bullshit.

  6. Sure the light forces are real, but is Cobra their official representative? His products are overpriced and prohibitive. That hurts regular people.

    There is a fake arrest scenario, where the western cabal are arrested, and global government moves to the East. Wilcock, Drake, Fulford and Cobra are supporting this scenario.

    I know that some Cobra listeners are alright, but a lot of them have become neutered and sedated, sitting there waiting for the next update.