Friday 25 March 2016

Imee Ooi: Buddhist Chant - Heart Sutra (Mandarin)

The purge continues...

(Mantras are 'higher dimensional' technology)

Readers may have noticed we are not wasting anyone's time with "updates". Beware of anyone offering liberation on a plate. 

Everyone knows what the plan is, it's written in the core of the collective consciousness of the human species. Everyone can find their place in the world; using their own inner guidance. 

It will be obvious when success comes. Until then, we're focusing on a possible long-haul, and building a solid foundation of health, happiness, and stability. 


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  3. Hey just received a call from the (insert non existent Et liberation group here) and they said that their coming but they can't make it because the mothership earmarked for liberation broke down, the tachyon drive must be replaced ;) Oh and they also told me that people should watch this important video by Mark Passio
    and watch this documentary Kumare :)

    1. BTW I would have to somewhat agree with your saying. ''Mantras are higher dimensional technology.'' Great post thanks for sharing!!!!

    2. The key is repeating them so the energy field builds up. Imee Ooi has recorded so many good songs that I can never get bored of listening to her.