Saturday 12 March 2016

The "New Financial System" is a complete lie...

No one will get a penny. Readers are being told a new system is coming to keep them docile and sedated. The promised time-frame will come and go, nothing will happen, and a new set of time-frame predictions will be rolled out. 

The truth about the AIIB is here:

Their aim is to get countries in debt to China. 

No time to get into this any further. 

The good news is we can build our own financial system with microfinance. There is still everything to play for...


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  2. I agree the whole concept of a ''New System'' is disingenuous it sounds like the new boss will be same as the old boss. Anyway I'm not falling for the partial disclosure narrative I'm glad that Corey Goode, David Wilcock, and Justin Deschamps finally understand what we all have been complaining about. I'm impressed they've came full circle. Their pushing for full disclosure and not fake partial I have to ask the new financial system crowd a question. If you know about the advanced tech that will free us from a financial system why do you keep saying we even need one? Instead what would replace it is the sort of barter system like the Agarthans and other groups use. Which is better!!! Once again we must think in terms of decentralization.

  3. I also understand the learning curve will be intense learning the barter system and how to use the new tech, and how it works. Last but not least how to build these technologies but I'm up to the challenge. Right now I also want to make clear I know we don't live in a utopia it will be a work in progress even with these technologies. Though I'm ready for the challenge :) PS the Microfinance within this current monster system is not a bad idea either though I can't wait to use the barter system instead. :)

  4. Good thoughts Tim. I think the key is 1) It might not be a sudden change, but gradual.
    2) We need to try ten thousand local experiments and see what works. So there can be Microfinance alongside barter and anything else we want. I want to A) get money to the changemakers who can make real change B) Remind people that there is no certain timeframe for any releae of technology. it might come, but it might be a carrot that the fake intel crowd are dangling in front of people.

    We already have the technology to raise standards of living drastically right here in the public domain.

    If the quarantine lifts and more groups come into play, they will be looking to co-operate with people who are up and running, instead of those who have no concrete initiatives underway.