Sunday 27 March 2016

The North & The Veil

Nicholas Roerich: "Shambhala itself is the Holy Place, where the earthly world links with the highest states of consciousness. In the East they know that there exist two Shambhalas—an earthly and an invisible one. 

Many speculations have been made about the location of the earthly Shambhala. Certain indications put this place in the extreme North, explaining that the rays of Aurora Borealis are the rays of the invisible Shambhala. This attribution to the North is easily understood—the ancient name of Shambhala is Chang-Shambhala, and this means the Northern Shambhala. 

The origin of this name is explained as follows: The Teaching originally was manifested in India to which everything emanating from beyond the Himalayas, is naturally North. North of Benares is a village, Shambhala, connected with the legend of Maitreya. Hence it is apparent why the Trans-Himalayan Shambhala is called Northern Shambhala.

Several indications, blended in symbols, place Shambhala on the Pamir, in Turkestan or Central Gobi. Wessel in his “Jesuit Travelers in Central Asia” refers to the Jesuit, Casella, who died in 1650 in Shigatse. The proposal was made to Casella who enjoyed the most intimate relations with Tibetans, to visit the land of Shambhala.

The many misconceptions about the geographical location of Shambhala have natural reasons. In all books on Shambhala, as well as in all the narrated legends about it, its location is described in most symbolic language, almost undecipherable to the uninitiate.

For instance, take the translation by Prof. Grunwedel of “The Path to Shambhala,” the famous book written by the Third Tashi Lama. You are overwhelmed by the number of geographical indications, so blended and mixed, that only great knowledge of old Buddhist places and of local names, can assist you to disentangle its complicated web.

Quite easily, one may understand why such a veil was needed. One of the Mahatmas was asked, why They hide so carefully Their Ashrams. The Mahatmas answered:

“Otherwise an endless procession from West and East, North and South would overflow our remote places, where, uninvited, nobody may disturb our studies.”

And it is really so. Here, in the turmoil of the city, it is hard to imagine, how many people are searching the Teaching of the Mahatmas.

A learned lama, whose name is known in the West, told us about the numberless inquiries and letters he Was receiving from France, England, America, asking his advice on how to come into contact with Mahatmas, and how to receive Their Teaching. 

Thus, again, reality and the loftiest attainments come together.

Not a mere Messianic Creed but a New Era of mighty approaching energies and possibilities, is expressed in the term of Shambhala.

Now, when each day we are overwhelmed by the discoveries of physics, or the power of oxygen, by the reality of the Great Fire of Space, when from the summits there is proclaimed the teaching of Agni Yoga, then we can in full sincerity approach our friends in Asia in the Name of the coming Shambhala. And with a happy smile we can greet the Great Future of Mighty Energies! 

The last call of our evolution is the imperative call for creative action, for enlightened labor, for achievements here on earth, without delay.

Our friends, the Vedantists have pointed out that the epoch of Shambhala, unlike previous epochs, which have been characterized by evolution, will be attended by a great evolutionary momentum."

Are the doors open? The only avenue we have now is through dreams and etheric (or even better Inner Body) experiences. We can ignore the whistleblower distractors and make our own adventure. Music is a good way to journey into infinity. 

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