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Giza Intelligence and Quetzatcoatl

Daozen note:

Is this article correct or not? I don't know, but I suspect there are more than a few truths there. Certainly, someone has been manipulating Terran religions for hundreds of years, and they continue to do so. Note, the reference to Hitler makes no apologies for the atrocities he committed, it just states that he was corrupted by a dark occult German society... Highlights in blue. 


WHO was Quetzalcoatl?

He was a very high ranking officer of an extraterrestrial group active during the reign of Egypt. He was wise and kind and was often sent on special missions. One of the missions ought him to South America where he was praised as a god by the Aztecs. He came into contact with Huitzilopochtli, a leader of the Gizeh people, who led the Aztecs to creating the ritual of human blood sacrifices. Quetzalcoatl was against these rituals and a bitter feud developed for power. Huitzilopochtli was able to drive Quetzalcoatl out. He then returned to Egypt.

The Legend of Agharta

In ancient times, around 33,000 years ago, a Lyrian named Muras founded the city of Mu. This city became a country located in the Gobi desert. Mu had two underground cities. Agharta: Apha and Beta. Agharta Beta was the seat of power and was connected to Agharta Alpha by a large tunnel, which has since collapsed. Today, there is a Regent still reigning over the descendants living there.

Mount Shasta

Today, under a mountain in northern California there exists a race of extraterrestrials called Hyperboreans. This mountain is called Mt. Shasta. The entrance to their city is high on the eastern side of the mountain and inaccessible to us. Their ships are gold in color and are sometimes seen entering or leaving the mountain. They are white skinned people who usually have long curly blond hair. They sometimes come out of the mountain to local towns but are very shy toward Earth people. They are the descendants of the ancient Hyperboreans who came to earth over 30,000 years ago.

Easter Island

The occurrences on Easter Island are connected to Tiahuanaco even though they are more than 3000 miles apart. The last colonization of ET's happened around 13,000 years ago. Out of this group came a semi-Ishwish leader named VIRACOCOHA, who was very greedy for power.

He conquered the 12,000 ft. high city of Tiahuanaco and a special body guard of cherubim's settled on a small island near Easter Island called MOT. Mot means bird in the old language. He and his followers were Lyrians with giant bodies around 35 feet tall. They taught the local natives how to use their highly developed machines. The natives, out of tribute, began to construct the statues we see today on Easter Island.

Similar events also happened in the areas call Pisco, Nazca and Sacsayhuaman. On lava walls on Easter Island there are reproductions of spaceships. After several thousand years, the giants suddenly became ill from disease and fled Earth in their ships, taking all the technology with them. Where they landed is not known. We presume they died in their ships.

Many of the statues were never finished. The natives tried finishing them with primitive stones and failed. The natives apparently tried to get the gods back by finishing the statues with red hats made from clay from a local volcano. We do know the giants were somehow in contact with a race of humans in Andromeda prompting an expedition here 2568 years ago. These humans from Andromeda were 180 cm. in height. They stayed for 20 years and months. They built up an advanced culture, which included the Nazca lines and the half-tube channels protecting electrical energy centers. The Andromedans could not acclimate themselves to the earthly atmosphere. They left in a hurry to save their lives.

Giants and Gods

Over the years, many races of titans have colonized many parts of the world. Ancient Lyrians were 25 - 35 feet tall. Many of the Greek gods were among these. Hercules was over 10 feet tall. He and many of the Greek gods were descendants of the Hyperboreans. Noah was around 12 feet tall and Adam was almost 16 feet tall. The great god from the Sumarians, Gilgamesh, was more than 24 feet tall.

Many of our ancestors were giants who, by interbreeding and adjusting to our atmosphere, have become smaller. Ancient dwarf races are likewise becoming larger as they evolve. The present day Pleiadians, whose ancestors were also giants, are about the same size as we are after adjusting to their planet.

The Gizeh Intelligence

A group of extraterrestrials originally called the Bafath came from the far regions of the ring nebula. They are the ancestors of the leader Arussem who was exiled around 3300 years with 72,000 of his followers. They secretly returned to Earth and hid under the Gizeh plateau which supports the great Cheops pyramid of Gizeh. The great pyramid was built by their ancestors 73,370 years ago. At the time, it served as the top of a small underground city, where they then hid. The great pyramid was originally built, along with two others on our planet, as devices to transfer matter and people around the planet. The pyramid was covered with gold at the time and contained an apparatus on the top to enhance the mental energies of the inhabitants.

The outer skin of the pyramid served to keep out unwanted energies, thus allowing the mental powers of those within it to be increased. The other two pyramids are in China and Mexico. They are both covered over with dirt and will be discovered in a few years.

The Bafath creatures are a wicked group who would like to rule the Earth. For almost 2000 years they have tried to take over the Earth by controlling the minds of religious and political leaders through telepathic means.

The Bafath, with the help of a wicked group of aliens from the Pegasus star- constellation, have tried to kill Billy and his group by planting infected insects into his trees. For many years the Bafath have controlled many religious leaders causing confusion and wars among the people. They have also caused illusions of religious saints to come into the minds of people causing them to fall further into delusion and illogical thinking.

Billy's house was attacked again.' Quetzal interferes.

The Bafath caused the Waldport, Oregon incident. People were giving up their worldly possessions to leave Earth in a spaceship. They were told the end of the Earth was near and that they could be saved. An American named Reinhold Schmidt was controlled telepathically to believe he had been in the pyramid to see the crucifixion tools. He also was fooled into thinking he had a ride in a spaceship to the Arctic. This was all illusion caused by telepathy to control the poor man. He is not lying because he actually believes it to be true. As of 1976, 723 persons were under the telepathic control of the Bafath.

Adolph Hitler

Adolph Hitler was born a person of very great worth. He was not spiritually advanced but was of very high intelligence. He was destined to bring great change to the world through his intellect. Through the Thule Society in Germany, the Bafath were able to seize possession of Adolph and to use him for their dark and wicked purposes, something he could not defend himself against. Many around him were also controlled. The world came to hate him without really understanding what had happened.


Kamagol was a wicked leader of the Bafath. A commander of his named Aruseak, known as Ashtar Sheran, pulled away for his command in 1937 in his own personal effort to know the truth. He and his men fled the Earth to keep away from the Bafath. They send information to the minds of many Earth people but are not informed of the truth themselves. You must be careful with their information. In 1977, the Bafath again attacked Billy and his group. This time, the Pleiadians interfered and took Bafath off the planet.

The Blue Race

Living underground for many years, a race of blue-skinned people have sometimes appeared. This race has two cities: one in France and one in Asia. They rarely come to the surface.

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