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與阿加森-地心文明的接觸 (Traditional Chinese)


I've had to keep my mouth shut for 5 years. I was (casually) threatened with death if I spoke. I got permission to talk last week. (August 15th)



Contact in Macau

The contact started in Macau, South China, with a topside diplomat who'd gone through training since the age of 7. He was surface born, but he had permission to go to the subterranean world. Now, let me be clear: I'm lazily using the world Agartha as a catch all term for ANY subterranean civilisation. There are several. In the same way as American can refer to an indigenous Indian in Paraguay, or an Investment banker in New York, there's a huge diversity there.  It started because of the writing I was doing. There was intense interest behind the scenes. They told me it could have a significant positive effect on the timeline, and that is putting it mildly.



North Bali,
Mountain Bases



Central: Its time to blow the doors off the mystery and invite people
to explore the secrets of the mountains and lakes for themselves.

Central: Readers have become accustomed to thinking of themselves as passive observers. They read about bases in remote areas but think they are unable to visit. It'll be a long time until people can walk in to these places freely, but in the meantime there are other little known methods of travel that anyone can use.


Central: Most information in the western alternative media deals with
the cabal owned military industrial control grid. We've all read pages of information about their underground cities and maglev trains.
Central: The Cabal is by no means the most powerful military organisation on Earth. On Earth 2014, there's a balance of power with no clear winner. As an insider I met in Hong Kong said to me once when I asked him about positively oriented underground bases, “Where there's deep black, you'll also find bright white.” The cabal is not the only group with access to the subterranean. The Agartha Network and other parallel civilizations have been on Earth much longer than the cabal.
阴谋集团不是地球上最强大的军事组织。到 2014 年,在地球上是有势力平衡存在,并没有明显的赢家。当我向一位在香港遇见的内幕人士请教关地下基地,曾对我说 哪里有深黑色的势力那里就现明亮的白色势力。” 阴谋集团不是进入地下的唯一群体。地下文明网络和其他行的文明已经阴谋集团更早存在於地球上。

Central: In truth, the mountains hold many, many mysteries.
真实的情况是里有着许多、 许多的未解之谜。
Central: There is scarce information on the internet about these
cities and bases. Most of it is recycled, regurgitated, and tinged with New Age copypasta. Names of locations are currently under strict secrecy, apart from a few well known places like Telos and Shamballah.
If I was to collate all the lists of secret cities right now. It would only equal 20-30 names. That means there must be over 100 cities whose names have never graced the internet.
在互联网上有这些城市和基地的讯息是很稀有的。大部分是回收过的、 反复转载,并染上了新时代意识抄贴讯息地点的名称目前正在严格的保密,不包括几个较为人知点,像桃乐斯市香巴拉在内。如果我现在整理秘密城市的所有列表它将只列有 20-30 座城市的。这意味着一定还有一百多座的城市的名称都从未登上互联网。

Central: I want to share techniques, ideas and protocols that will
help readers connect directly with the benevolent civilizations in the
mountains, deserts, lakes and forests. Instead of sitting and passively reading information from self-proclaimed insiders, they can start to become insiders themselves, at their own time, at their own pace.
我想要分享技术、 理念和条约来帮助读者直接与山脉、 沙漠、 湖泊和森林里的善意文明联系。而不是坐着,被动地阅读自称为内人士提供的信息。依照他们自己的时间,他们自己的节奏们自己也可以开始成为内幕,。

Central: Making a connection with secret civilisations will speed up the liberation process:

  1. Visiting secret bases will allow ground crew rest and rejuvenation.

  1. Successful connection with these places will stimulate self-healing, and strengthen the energy of individuals, which will in turn strengthen the collective psyche. We are all connected down here. When one is helped, all are helped.

  1. If they learn to pierce the veil, they can attend higher dimensional
schools, meditators can learn powerful, previously unknown
techniques to help clear negative implants, cabal bases and
anything else blocking liberation.
冥想者可以学强大的、 先前未知的技术,以帮助清除负面的


The Lion Networks


Central: OK, focus on North Bali, say. I chose North Bali because it's a little easier to interact with the powers and societies that are there. For whatever reason, the Agartha Network has decided to open up now, and train large numbers of people in these skills, openly. There's a lot
of writing on astral projection, a lot of writing on Agartha, but I've rarely
seen a guide on how to astral project to Agartha or Lemuria. You can find information but it's scattered in vague comments on blogs and out-of-the way message boards. I've never seen articles on the technology they use to help humans visit them. I guess it was a secret up til now.


I also chose North Bali because it's a relatively safe zone, and the US cabal don't have any bases or influence there.

The surface city in North Bali is called Singaraja, which means Lion King. If you wanted to bilocate to the secret locations in the mountains near Singraja, what would you do?
巴厘岛北部地表面的城市被称为新加拉惹,意味着狮子王。如果你想分身新加拉惹 附近山中的秘密地点,你会怎么做

Untwine: Well I haven't really been doing this. but I imagine I'd
close my eyes and focus my intention on the location

Central: OK that's a good start, then what?

Untwine: Follow whatever image I see

Untwine: I'm totally inexperienced in this.

Central: OK, most humans are inexperienced in this. It's a fairly
useful skill to learn.

Central: On the other side of the veil, they have advanced technology to help bilocators project over there.

Central: When most people bilocate or astral project, they tend to
think of themselves as alone, projecting into an indifferent universe.

Central: That's not true. When you focus on the target sincerely and
with determination, 'they' will help you from their side.

Central: So, you can lie on your bed, focus on the hidden cities, and
try and make a resonant connection. Have a clear intention. Know why you want to reach out. Is it for physical healing, emotional healing, rest rejuvenation, learning? If you go with a muddy intention it's difficult for them to help you. There has to be clarity. But your goal can be something as abstract as connecting and having a good time. Their lives are on the whole, better than ours, and they like to enjoy themselves.

Untwine: OK I see. when you say outside the veil you mean outside of
the earth atmosphere or on the earth on different planes ?

Central: Both... It can be physically outside the veil, or just
another plane on the Earth. There are many interlocking worlds coexisting in the same physical space right now.

Central: When you bilocate, you can go anywhere you want in the
universe, provided you have 1. Permission 2. Skills 3. The ability to
evade energetic tricks and traps. You need all three, otherwise it's not
going to work. But if you don't have one or two of these prerequisites, you can work and develop them. I didn't have permission to visit these places at first, but I did months of cleansing meditation and finally my wish was granted.
当你分身时,你可以去任何你在宇宙中要去的地方,只要有 1)准许2技巧 3)有能量骗局和陷阱的能力。你需要所有三个,否则办不了事。但如果你没有这些先决条件的其中一或两个,你可以通过练习来开发它们。我一开始也没有获准参观这些地方,但我做几个月的清洗冥想,最后我的愿望终于实现了。

Central: When you make a resonant connection from this side, they will
try and use their technology to help you bilocate.

Central: So there's incredible technology and skills there helping you
cross the veil. Helping you relax, helping you centre, keep your
energy grounded, help you navigate. It's a case of using intent. You navigate infinity using will, focus and intent. Michael Raduga is one of the best teachers in this aspect.
那里有如此令人难以置信的技术和技能帮助你穿过面纱。帮助你放松,帮助你聚焦锚定你的能量於地面,可以帮助您导航。这是向为导的一个例子。您可以使用意愿,定和意图来做无限度的航行马克 拉杜加是这方面最好的老师之一。

Untwine: Yes and I imagine the traps can be quite intricate, like they
can make you believe you're in a good place when it's all fake. that's
the main reason I haven't dug into this yet it takes a lot of mastery
and understanding to differentiate.

Central: OK. You're right, so people need to learn the skill of discernment. I found fake positive zones tend to look like they were programmed on a high tech Nintendo 64 or Xbox. They have a pixellated quality to them. The 'cosmic love' you feel in these fake
heavenly zones is kind of platitudinal, like you're soul has been given
a double dose of painkillers.
对了。你是正确的所以人们需要学习辨识的。我发现的正面往往看起来像高科技的一种软件叫做Nintendo 64 Xbox程序装置的。他们有一种怪异的性质这些假天堂里你感觉到所谓的‘宇宙爱’是各种陈腔滥调堆砌而成的像你的灵魂被喂食了双倍剂量的止痛药一样

Central: When you go out the door in a city or go to a party, how do
you discern who's alright, and who isn't?

Central: You use a mixture of gut feeling, heart intuition, and logic.

Central: That's how you spot a trap or conman.

Central: In the other realms, you use the same skills.

Untwine: hmm now I kinda just know if I'm comfortable or not. but
before I'd just go along with some stuff and realize later it wasn't
good for me. Most people are still like this.

Untwine: Right yes it's a mix of analysis and general feeling

Central: Again, both camps are extremists. The guys who say that the other world is incredibly dangerous, and you should never try to go there on one side. On the other side, you have the people who say it's all love and light, and you should blindly go along with anyone. Both camps are dangerous idiots.

Central: When something feels right, that "comfortable feeling" is a mix of gut, heart and logic, I think. Brain, heart, and gut adds up into one feeling, and you get a red flag, an orange flag or a green flag for each person. I think that's how intuition and discernment works on a day to day level.
当感觉到时候,那种 "舒适的感觉" 胆量的感觉和逻辑组合是这么想的。大脑、 心和胆量起来成为一种感觉,然后你会以红色、 橙色绿色标志每一个人。我想是直觉和洞察力如何进行每天的操作

Untwine: Yes
Central: There are no hard and fast rules, I would just tell people to
be discerning.

Untwine: Yes
Central: Now, the astral can't be *that* dangerous, because we project
there every night. Robert Bruce, a great teacher, reminds people that
we undertake some sort of projection every time we sleep.
談到這靈光体不会那么危险的因为我们每晚都会投射去那里。罗伯特 · 布鲁斯,一个伟大的老师,提醒想起每逢我们睡觉时都会进行某种形式的投

Central: But this goes far beyond simple dreaming. It goes beyond
astral projection as well.

Central: The techniques they were using in Bali and Indonesia, they
were able to *semi-physically* visit these places, bases and cities...
他们在巴厘岛和印尼使用的技术,使他们能* 实体 * 造访这些地方,基地和城市......

The science and techniques behind these semi-physical visits would take a whole book in itself.
Central: These visitation skills are known all over Asia, but in Bali they are more open with sharing these ideas, because their culture is a little
more gregarious.

Central: The main point I want to make is, >>>there are many
intermediate techniques between astral projection, and physical
visitation, that many people know nothing about.<<< I know I'm repeating myself here, but the ramifications of those statements are so exciting that it's worth dwelling on that simple statement.
我想要提的要点是,>>> 有很多靈光体投射和实体造访之间的中间技术而且很多人对这一无所知。 <<< 我知道我在这里自重复,但这些声明的复杂性质是如此令人兴奋,所以它是值得我们思这个简单的声明。

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