Sunday 24 May 2015

Smashing Through the Veil Part I: The Blue Avians, Bilocation + the Royal Houses of this Solar System

Imagine: You walk in a dusty city and see a beggar carrying a bag of fresh mangoes, turmeric, and coconut water on a rucksack in his back. He's crawling, begging for scraps of leftovers from passersby. His food goes uneaten. What would you say to him?

More on that later.


Introduction: Contact in NYC: The Yellow Avians

Finally, it's time for us to come forward.

As children, we had a certain form of contact with another birdlike group: The Yellow Avians. Throughout the 1980's, using a device provided by the Resistance Movement, the "Tesla Screen", we were able to view the Yellow Avian ambassador speak to small groups (of about 70 children) from an undisclosed location near Brooklyn, New York City.

The ambassador, who I shall only refer to as B____, was insistent that young Terrans learn to speak, read and write coherently. His message of hard work, study and sovereignty was positive and uplifting.

Later, in 2013, we had contact with a group of "Circular Red Avians", who covertly worked to raise consciousness online, through computer software. More updates on that as information becomes declassified.


1) Royal Houses of the Solar System

2) Clarification on the Agartha Network vs "Whistleblowers".

Royal Houses of the Solar System

It is forbidden to say the locations and names of the larger Houses involved in this conflict right now. There's a strict barrier between the hemispheres dividing both sides of the veil. Privacy, respect and safety are all major concerns. But we didn't write this post to create a community of people hanging on for updates. 

We want to blow the doors off the mystery and help people find the techniques to explore infinity at their own pace. 

You don't need us as intermediaries to reach the other civilizations that exist in this Solar System. Instead of waiting on for scraps of intel, we encourage people to find out, on their own, what exists in this Solar System. 

This is a social universe. 

The human energy field has no limitations. If you feel angry, stuck, confused, and cheated, it might be because information like this being kept from you, deliberately. How many incarnates are stuck on a tinfoil treadmill? How many whistle-blowers have come and gone since we started writing in 2009?

We suggest people turn off the net and start exploring infinity for themselves. Etheric breakthrough is coming, but you can hardly feel it online. It's coming from the sky, the Earth, and from within our collective consciousness.

Last night, I put on this track:

... and etheric projected my consciousness all over this Solar System, especially to the asteroid belt :) I met many beings. Check, in these articles, how the media's tone is changing regarding our neighbours:

That should be all anyone needs to know for now. It's more fun to help people put the mystery together for themselves.


Back to the question at the start of this article:

What would you say to the beggar carrying a bag of mangoes, turmeric, and coconut water on a rucksack in his back, begging for scraps of food?

The Living Mystery of this Solar System

Human beings are microcosms of the Solar System. I enjoyed reading the Blue Avian material but I have some disagreements with what's being presented. 
The hour is late, and there's no time to push anything, but you have a right to know that the reality of the Solar System is more exciting than anything any Terran whistleblower can conceive. They are not making things up, but dumbing things down. 

I don't need a 'very specific hand signal' to grant me membership to a club, when my body, and soul are a visa to the luminous universe. 

I don't need to be part of a 'chosen' group of 70 when I am a member of a soul group of 7 billion Jedi's, who are close to graduation right now.

I don't need to be pulled out of my body in my pajamas, to a quasi-military conference, when I can project like an orb or a cloud of plasma, and experience direct soul to soul interaction with Venus, Mars, Ceres, Jupiter, Pluto, Moons, Rings, Comets, Asteroids, and a thousand other undiscovered locations, each one with a different flavour of knowledge, love, people, and assistance.

No one needs a giant flapping bird to help them claim the birthright inherent in their DNA. If Alex Collier is right, we are genetic royalty. If you were led to this article, YOU have the skills, permission and bio-suit to reach out and interact with civilizations in the inner and outer worlds. (The inner worlds are even more interesting than the outer) It takes a little training and patience, like learning to play the guitar or dancing. Everyone is already semi-projecting in their daydreams anyway. One way of looking at bilocation: 

It's just enhanced daydreaming.

We have the keys to the universe inside us, and are crawling around the internet looking for more and more 'intel'. Humans have permission to visit multiple civilizations in their body, but are too dependent on external intel for scraps of second hand knowledge. Why? A mix of 20-30 percent research and 70-80 percent practice might be more healthy. 


The message offered by the Blue Avian Ambassador might be a good starting point, but it pales into nothing compared to the social reality that lives in this solar system. How many civilizations share our local spacetime? 

In this Universe all eyes are on Earth. On the etheric planes, humans who can bilocate are interesting, if not famous, like blockade runners from North Korea or ex-East Germany. We are long lost cousins with a surplus of energy and wishes. Other civilizations can give us healing, knowledge and emotional peace. In return they can teach us skills to liberate the Earth. Our freedom is their freedom.

There are enough articles on Bilocation on this site.

When we bilocate, we are neither too trusting nor too paranoid. We go out into the Universe in the same mood as someone visiting the bars in New York City at night. Keep your money and keys safe, door locked, use discernment, and stay positive. Bilocators need to use their own skills to sort though the etheric tricks and traps. As Robert (the?) Bruce says, astral projection can't be that dangerous, because everyone does it every night anyway. If you didn't, you'd get stuck in this meat suit, and go mad.

You might not be able to bilocate, but you can daydream you are bi-locating.

Another chapter of Contact With Agartha coming in a few weeks. 80 pages already written. If you want to support true liberation, donations to "SleepingGiantsPDF" on Paypal are always useful. 

Taking questions on Bilocation, and the Houses of the Solar System at the end of this article. Maximum three per reader plz.

Every time a human being bilocates and takes a short holiday from the Matrix, it creates a crack in the veil. Over time, these cracks get wider...

Thanks for reading...


Part Two:

The Evil Agartha Network...

Q8. Which group of extraterrestrials helped the Nazi’s in their battle with Admiral Byrd in 1946/1947, and developing an off-world presence?

There was help from the Draco Federation as well as a group that the NAZI’s were led to believe were ET’s (referred to as “Arianni” or “Aryans”, sometimes called “Nordics”) but were actually an Ancient Earth Human Break Away Civilization that had developed a Space Program (referred to as “The Silver Fleet”) and created vast bases below the Himalayan Mountains (largest in Tibet and call the system Agartha) and a few other regions

The first craft they built used Mercury turbines, and electro-gravity engines were developed by the assistance of this group. 

Again the NAZI’s and to this day many Earth Humans who are in contact with them and others believe them to be ET’s (because of their deceptions) when they are actually very much Earth Based Humans from Ancient Break Away Civilizations. 

I have heavily avoided speaking in depth about the few Ancient Break Away Earth Civilizations that have Space Programs and massive bases on the Earth, the Moon and elsewhere in the Sol System and other Sol Systems. 

Some of them have been extremely deceptive and convinced some people that they are ET groups that are here to assist Humanity. Some people have memorized some of these stories like some people memorize religious text. The Illuminati/Cabal has had a falling out with some of them and want them exposed for what they are. 

I think they should do the dirty work. I am not going to cause controversy that will just be a distraction from the main Blue Avian Message of Becoming Loving, Forgiving and Focusing on Expanding your Consciousness and Vibration.



We have no time for gossip in the alt media scene. For five and a half years, we've patiently watched lightworkers being led up the garden path again and again. We've watched incompetent leaders crowdfund huge amounts from honest people, and waste it on dead end projects. Meanwhile, we were working full time and pumping out articles, unpaid, in the evening.

Evil subterraneans exist. I know. My first meeting with benevolent subterraneans, was followed twenty minutes later by a meeting with malevolent subterraneans. They wanted to attack me, but couldn't, so they attacked etherically that night, and tried to drag me out of my body and cut the cord linking me to the physical. I'm sure there were both positive and negative subterranean bases in Tibet during the 20th century. Terran power points are heavily contested.

Alt media needs to raise itself to a new standard, and stop the sniping and snipping.

Work out for yourselves who is most sincere:


Track Record, est 2009

Yes, that's right readers, the evil Agartha network, and the other civilizations sponsoring this project; want your family to be free of heart disease:

They offer free ideas to set up your own business for no money down:

To take care of your health with the best doctors on Earth:

To organize a Great Awakening on Earth:

To start businesses for women in the developing world:


To talk to the pre-existent civilizations on Earth. 


When someone starts taking passive-aggressive shots at our hard work, and the hard work of those civilizations, (Agartha has helped to minimize Earthquakes AND Earth changes) it comes off as insincere and childish. We've been around a lot longer than most people here. The clock is ticking, so maybe we all need to stop the double-talk.  Don't talk about love and forgiveness, and make roundabout negative comments on subjects you don't know about the next minute. If you want to call out certain subterranean bases, do that, but don't smear the whole network if you don't have real knowledge or contacts. Please s
top speaking out of both sides of your mouth...The whistleblower merry-go-round has gone on for too long, it is costing us time and lives. 

GOODET + I have talked several times. Our last conversation is here:

When Terrans stop chasing free energy and 'intel', and start to build a genuine organic timeline, with abundant food, pure water, and the natural technology of our biosuits... the Agartha Network and the Great Houses of this Solar System will be waiting to help.

Make a freewill choice, and enjoy your path, whatever you do...

Contact Point


  1. Very good.
    Yes, I heard about a few bad guy, (not talking about the replies), finding a shelder underground.

    I'd appreciate, IF POSSIBLE, (without openning the Pandora's box ;)) ), to hear a little more about the "Yellow birds" please. At least their name, or WHERE did they come from.

    One more suggestion: I think, in order to get people's ATTENTION, it would be good to post not ONLY the link, but a little part from the article/s.
    Thank YOU!!

    1. Of course HYE Angel. Here is some footage from the early 80's:

      This needs to go viral...

      Thank you too!

    2. Hey, thank you for the video!

      "SESAMEE STREET" episode?!
      Well, It was very good meeting you -"yellow bird".

      Now I see where are you coming from. Is this - the Sesamme Street" - where you are having your meetings and "cosmic travels?"

      GROW UP and leave the kindergarten!!!

      And.... Be very careful... I AM VERY NICE, and peace loving, but!!!! When it comes to DEFEND myself; I will NOT let even THE PRIME CREATOR TO TEASE ME.

      BTW: Are you sure you want THIS, (my reply) to go viral??!!!!

    3. The short intro to the article was a joke. The rest was serious.

      Take Care

  2. The Introduction is the greatest form of entertainment I've ever read since 21st December 2012 :"D. Thank you very much, Contact Point.

    And thank you for reminding us that from a broader (not higher) perspective, we humans are Not any (on-world and off-world) beings' victims, but co-Creators with our own power and unlimited potentiality. Just in time I was about to write about this on my blog too.

    With love and blessings,

    1. Glad you like it Asteria! A lot of people took the intro seriously!!! I guess they'll have to read the comments.


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  4. Thanks for your input Taygeta Star.... Due to time constraints we can't answer questions or comments on Cobra's blog. People can post them here if they want.

    In our view, the Blue Avian disclosure will go the same way as the QEG, Drake, Wilcock's 2013-2014 Mass Arrest predictions, ZAP, The Galactic Federation of Light, and a thousand other projects that have come and gone over the years. Cobra has done an outstanding job, but he has supported some of these initiatives. We have asked him to focus on creating a more organic timeline, by passing on some of our writing about bilocation and health creation, and he has decided not to.

    He has declined to pass on this note, for example.

    That's his right. It's our right to talk about how we feel here...


    We have watched people being misled too many times... Certain aspects of GOODET'S disclosure are interesting and valid, others raise red flags and need to be pointed out. If I see people being misled by Keenan/Drake/The GFOL/ZAP and fake arrest predictions, keeping silent is neither wise nor mature. I will call these initiatives out, because people deserve better treatment than being fed lies. Characters are generally temperate in the lightworker world, and that mildness is being abused by some alt media figureheads.

    Disagreeing with someone is not a sign of disloyalty. Leaders are often surrounded by Yes Men telling them how brilliant they are. If Cobra is supporting a disclosure that I think is >partially< misleading, I will tell him respectfully. Cobra and Agarthan Alliance agree on 90 per cent of the facts, sometimes we might have differences.

    We have been in a state of uneasy avoidance with the whistleblower scene for a few years. We have patiently watched them misleading people, they have ignored us. We are going to start calling people out, if time permits. We will not start a bitter flamewar or multi-thread argument, but we will speak our truth on our blog without fear... There are many people unhappy about the alt media circus, and they are often shamed into silence by fervent supporters who guilt trip them into submission. I've seen that happening a lot.

    I'm still waiting for GOODET to clarify his statements regarding the Agartha Network.

    Last, living on a planet with billions of people starving, drinking dirty water, and suffering from preventable diseases, and hanging on for a group of 6th dimensional birds to save you, is nowhere near wisdom or maturity. This is my perspective. Talk of unity, mutual support and respect sounds hollow if the disenfranchised are not taken care of.

    When this latest episode finishes, and people decide to take charge of their own destiny, we'll be waiting.

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  5. This, from HYE Angel, is true:

    "And here is which place or the planet is the so-called "ROYAL
    House in our Solar system".
    And this is NOT my own assumption or theory. I/we all have read this over and over:
    THE EYES OF THE WHOLE UNIVERSE IS ON THIS TINY, YET PRESCIOUS PLANET CALLED TERRA (by many up there), or GAIA/Sophia by many of us -HER children.

    She is the QUEEN, and She gets the ROYAL CROWN!!"

    >>> Well said. There are obviously Royal Houses on Earth. Some are sincere, some not. Yes, Gaia is almost definitely the most powerful sphere in the cosmos. It is not our intention to replace one group of fake Royals with another, but raise everyone up to the same level. And yes, we should kneel to no one- everyone is equal, and Terran humans, by virtue of the richness and complexity of their DNA, are genetic Royalty. ALL of us... We comprise a type of Royalty, we just haven't walked into our power yet. That's what the first sentence of this article is about.

    Anyone who tells you that humans have inferior DNA is missing a huge chunk of the core story.


    Contact Point