Tuesday 23 June 2015

Guide to Bilocation and Cracking the Matrix

Thanks for all your generous donations, you know who you are... If you want to explore infinity, and Agartha, learn to bilocate. Then you will have your own first hand tales of infinity...

This article was written by Red Pill Oracle.

We are Explorers

Once upon a time, we were all free. Free to move about and navigate the cosmos at will. After thousands of years of being trapped on Earth our memories began to fade. Until now we are amnesiacs who can barely even conceive of how that freedom once felt.

But deep down, something stirs... we have never fully lost the desire, the longing for freedom. Its as if a limb were cut off and though we have no memory of using it, there is still a phantom tingle from time to time reminding us something indeed is missing.

We, the collective human race are made up of countless different species. But no matter our individual points of origin, we have spent lifetimes in many bio-suits (DNA skin-suits). We have gathered not only the soul memory of hundreds of species, but also the genetic memory that we carry with us through every incarnation, always collecting more skills and abilities. This gives us a unique advantage... if we could only remember.

The skin-suits we are currently in are not a cage. They are useful, but we can choose to leave them, and return at any time. Our consciousness free to explore the inner and outer realms and to escape the matrix imposed on the holographic reality we call Earth. If only for a while... if only to remind us that we can.

Because of our genetic diversity there are many techniques we can use, because we can do them all. But one will feel the most natural to you, and will ultimately guide you in remembering who you are. There is no right or wrong way... you will eventually find your way.

Here we will lay out the few easy steps to Bilocate. Once you have that under your belt and have mastered the practice you will adapt to a style that is uniquely yours.

Bilocation Basics

Start from a state of Beingness in your Heart

The first thing to practice is meditation, the act of quieting the mind. You'll know when you have accomplished this because literally there will be no thoughts in your head. This takes time and patience with yourself because it has become very normal to us to have an inner dialogue going every minute of the waking day. We are very rarely at peace and quiet.

“Drop down” into your heart. Go to the thought center in you mind, feel your consciousness there and then feel it shift and move as you guide it into your heart. Become aware of what your heart-space looks like and or feels like. (This may change from visit to visit.) This is your space to make your sacred, private, safe retreat. 
Breathe deeply and completely. Allow thoughts and emotions to flow freely without judging them, accepting everything that pops into your awareness with Love... even frustration. Acknowledge the thoughts and feelings without dwelling on them. Picture them in your mind's eye as a river passing through you. Simply observe and feel without attachment. Also, simply focusing on your breathing is another technique to quiet the mind.

You'll know when you have accomplished “Beingness” because you will become super-aware of your physical body and may notice a feeling of expansion. More aware than ever of blood in your veins, of air in your lungs and the very tingly vibration we call Life. Thoughts cease to exist here. It is unmistakable because if you've never experienced Beingness, there is no other feeling like it in the world... nothing to compare it to. Once you have accomplished this you are ready to bilocate (travel) anywhere you wish.

Note: This is also the best place to practice your skills as an empath. Allow pictures to come and go in your mind- a tree, a butterfly, a person, a place- anything that is Alive...and spend time with it... Feel what it feels, become one with it and see the world through it's eyes. These are great skills to have not only in Life, but are quite necessary in the Cosmos. Your empathetic skills will lead you to greater discernment of where to go and where NOT to go. Who to trust and who NOT to trust.


Form a mental picture of where you want to go. We recommend for first time travelers somewhere you know you will be safe and guided like Telos. State clearly (exact words are not as important as the feeling) to yourself and to those you wish to visit your intentions. Which on a first trip may be as simple as “I wish to meet you” or “I wish to visit Telos”. 

Or you can just ask to go to a deep space of comfort in your heart. Some of the deeper places have no names. Try listening to an ambient music track.

Sometimes they will “send” you a feeling (like Love) or a mental picture (ex. A Rose) and this serves as your invitation. Resonate with that feeling or picture... Become it … Be it. (Like with the Rose example... Smell it...follow the smell until you become One with the Rose) It is the doorway and you will be there!

As you become more experienced and build trust and faith in your abilities. You will be able to just feel Love and the vibrational match of Love will attract you, and it to you. This way you don't have to even have to know where you're going to know you will be safe, sometimes it's nice to be surprised. Also, it's hard to form a mental picture of a place you have never been... and this is where your intention is vital.

Watch out for Traps

If you find yourself in a place where you not Feel secure, turn around and go the other way. You always have free will to leave! Take some time to make sure you are feeling and projecting Love. Like always attracts Like. Explore your heart and take some inward journeys until you are confident. Every snag in the road is the opportunity for inner growth and reflection.

Sometimes we meet our own demons along the way. (This mostly happens on inward travels). It may seem big and scary... and may just come as a fearful feeling. Simply Love and accept it! Incorporate it into yourself. Empathize with it (really it is only your own anger and frustrations that you have denied or not fully accepted yet). Allow it to be loved without judgment or as you would a child or your best friend. This is where we can learn the most about unconditional love, by practicing it on ourselves.

Cracking the Matrix and Finding your own Path

The Universe is waiting to be explored. We are not trapped here... We do not have to wait for technology to catch up... We do not have to wait for ETs to whisk us away in ships. We can go. NOW! And help bring greater understanding and KNOWledge back with us.

No matter what is out there waiting for you, the greatest adventure you will ever go on is the journey within. In fact, your connection to yourself (your own heart) is the point of contact to all other realms. You will build trust, empowerment and purpose knowing that you are the only one who can change your world. You'll no longer be waiting to be saved you will bravely forge your own path.

Every time you bilocate you put a crack in the Matrix! 
 Do it for yourself, and you benefit all of humanity!
Do What Feels Natural to Find Your Way

I am a traveler (bilocator). It comes very naturally to me. If I am calm and relaxed it is usually as simple as breathing. It is quite different than astral projection, which I have also done with moderate success, but this method doesn't hold as much remembrance with me.

Through picturing in my mind's eye where I want to go, I simply resonate with that place. Feel what it feels like and in essence allow myself to vibrate with it, join it... Become it. And then I am there. I have been practicing the use of sight, smell, touch and hearing, but the only necessary sense here is feeling.

My husband is a flier. He has traveled like me, but has found that flying... (think Superman) is his preferred method... it's just who he is. Even in everyday life he has a passion... borderline obsession... with flying. He builds and flies RC airplanes in his spare time. Its been a fascination and favorite hobby since he was a child. And how this desire expresses itself in how he navigates his consciousness is he enjoys the journey as much as the destination.

One night I had a dream, a “sleepy-time” dream, that my husband was giving me flying lessons. There was a launching contraption, kind of like a gigantic swing-set that he had me get in. It flung me high into the air, exhilaratingly climaxing and arching back toward the ground. I hit... splat! But it did not hurt and with some encouragement on his part I tried again and again until with his guidance I could figure out how to use my arms, legs and eventually whole body to glide, swoop and soar. I had flown twice before in a meditative dreams, once someone was holding my hand and guiding me and the other time I was riding on the back of a dragon. This solo flight thing was a whole new experience... and a little scary.

I woke the next morning feeling exhausted and yet exhilarated. I rolled over to say good morning to my husband and he turned to greet me, already awake. He smiled and asked, “So how did you like flying?” We had the same dream! It just goes to show that simply opening one door to the impossible can lead to other doors you never even could have imagined being flung wide open for you to walk through, shattering the invisible barriers between the possible and impossible forever.

I still am honing my flying skills. It is very difficult for me to “take off” from the ground by myself. But every so often, my husband will meet me in my dreams and we continue the lessons. And sometimes we just fly, hand in hand toward the light of dawn... reminding me to enjoy the ride.

Adapting the flying concept to space travel for me was very easy. I simply plant myself in the “navigation chamber” in my heart that most of the time looks like a small room-sized glass pyramid with 360 degree views. I simply allow my heart to gravitationally “pull” me toward my destination while resonating (or “empathizing”) with it. And then as if by magic the destination is simultaneously “pulled” toward me. We meet in the middle almost as if space itself folds destroying all previously held concepts of time and space. Sometimes, however, I just allow my heart to guide me through space with no particular destination in mind allowing my vibrational match to just show up and surprise me. I suggest watching “The Fountain” to get a visual of what this looks like and then try to “feel” what it would be like.

With open minds, and open hearts is where your journeys will begin. Your bio-suit technology, along with a strong desire is all you need. Be willing to experiment, and receptive to the unexpected. Ask yourself questions like, “What would I do, or where would I go if I could go anywhere?”... and “What does freedom feel like?” Just imagining it at first, until it becomes reality. And allow your soul to navigate toward the place that gives the most pure feeling of Love... of Peace...and of Bliss and in the process ReMembering who you are.

Crossing the Portals

Upon setting out in my ability to space travel I encountered upon a gate or blockade in the “road”. It was a giant pink circle which I now know as a portal. What I didn't fully understand then was portals are a “test” just to ensure pure intention, ability to harmonically resonate with what lies ahead and by the time you pass the last portal... the white light... to become harmonically inclusive to everything unifying all colors. Each portal represents different aspects of ourselves and their accompanying emotions.

But at first I was a little baffled by this...and gave up on my first attempt. After coming back a few times and being close the pink portal I realized that pink represents Love, so I decided to feel Love. Once my heart was in tune with the resonance of Love, I began to merge with the portal. We became one. And after a brief time I was on the other side of it.

One by one the portals came and I was going through one a day. Empathy was the key for me. If I could be that color and incorporate all of its aspects within myself I could pass through... Until I got to the Blue one.

The Blue portal really made me take some time to work on myself, in fact it took a week or two to finally be able to resonate with it. I had to do some inner house-cleaning and let go of a lot of misunderstandings and false beliefs. I would ask to go Telos during my “sleepy-time” dreams for work at the Blue pyramid. Even though I didn't remember too much of these visits, I would wake sometimes tired knowing I had a whole night of instruction under my belt. Finally, I was allowed to pass.

I figured the white light portal would be the hardest. But to my amazement, I flowed right through. I guess the inner work had paid off. I was granted a higher level of freedom to explore space. And was on my way to visit the Sun, which was calling me home.

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