Thursday 18 June 2015

Microflow: A New Microfunding Business Model You Can Try...

The Microflow Business Model

One day, we'll all eat free food, drink water from the sky, and live rent free on this planet. 

But for now, we're living in a blockaded economy. Everyone understands this. People have a right to earn their living, eat and pay rent. A gardener has a right to earn 10-25 USD an hour, a Nurse gets a 30,000 salary. A bus driver, baker and accountant all work to support their families. Restaurants have overheads. An hours work for an hours pay. 

So.... what about a disclosure writer, or any of the creative people in this community? Should they work for free? Is my time worth less than anyone elses? How can we solve the economic riddle so everyone is happy? Are there innovative answers we haven't thought of yet?

Contact With Agartha earns me (Contact Point) 50-120USD per week. Conferences earn a little. That's enough to pay rent and dry noodles out here in Asia, but if I want to live well, I have to teach English a few evenings/afternoons a week. That's cool. I like it. But if the situation carries on like this I will release info at a crawl, because I am not writing myself to burnout again. 

For example: it took me seven hours to write and format the response to GOODET's mistaken comments on the Agartha Network. I have nothing against him, he has brought some truths to the table, but I wanted to set things straight, and use the post as a springboard to help people gain a deeper understanding of the universe. 

Smashing Through The Veil

After I read GOODET's post, I woke up at 4am on a Sunday, wrote two hours of notes in my apartment, canned a day out with my wife, and dragged her into a boiling cybercafe where I wrote that Royal Houses blogpost. It was fun, but not as fun as taking the ferry across the river and playing guitar with someone I love. BTW, I work in cybercafes, so I can keep work and home separate. I meet more people when I'm out and about.

I sat down to write and help liberate people. I gave everything I had for 7 hours. In the middle of the text, I asked for donations. I figured that someone out there on the internet would figure that there's a fair exchange of energy going on. I guessed wrong. Not one dime. Thanks, internet.

As a peaceful protest against this, we're paywalling MORE of our information. Ha!

Fair treatment for people working in the knowledge economy. 

Do I hear gasps of disapproval from the gallery? 

Oh my!

Readers of Contact With Agartha will get what they paid for. There are over 100 pages written up. Maybe much more. I take a long time to format writing. Right now, we are slowing down disclosure because people are not acting on any of the information given. The next chapter has been released for free recently. It's online. Cobra says he will release it when the "time is right."  

We're paywalling and timewalling, because when I reached out to write for free, and asked for donations, the internet said "No." 

We're interacting through the digital free market. The market decided to read + benefit from my writing. It was discussed in private, + on bulletin boards. It helped move people's understanding forward, and helped them get out of a trap. From what I read the next week in the comments on various sites, people had started to think critically. 

However, the Paypal response from a request for donations, was thank you, thank you, and sorry, NO. 

These posts don't format themselves. 

If you think I'm being out of order, send me an email, subject: "You should work for free, and here's why." I will post all those emails publicly. 

Enough. No more! No fancy pictures in this post. I'm standing up for myself, standing up for all of us in the wisdom economy. We all deserve better. Humanity is not broke. We spend a billion a day on booze, a billion on ciggies, a billion on plastic crud. Multiply 3 billion by 365 and you will see how much we suck. We are not helping people who are drinking dirty. Earthers have yet to see the significance of this video:

They don't respect themselves, they don't respect each other, what is their value? Alex Collier.

Is Earth Broke?

IF you have not smoked one cigarette in the last two months, or drank one beer, and are "genuinely broke", not "lightworker broke", then I give you this book with my blessing. If you have spare cash, and just decided to read for free, then....?????  If you received a book for free, then you have the option to pay us something by Paypal. 

We're paywalling, but we're doing it in a way that solves problems for many, many people. 

Now the Good News:

Microeconomic Innovation

I like to innovate. I get noticed because I innovate. If you innovate and build timelines, you will get noticed more. There is no elite. They are looking for more people to step up. I have to innovate, because I'm normally on a shoestring. I don't host expensive events or keep people on an intel drip feed. I've spoken out against that before. Intel whoring and update begging is costing all of us valuable time. 


I like to do things quick and cheap, from blogspots and Reddits. But that still costs me raw time. The fundamental fuel of the universe. The only commodity: Time. This very post has taken 4 hours. 

BTW, this article has been in draft for 5 days... I am writing more because of discussions I have read online, with valid points on both sides. I can solve this problem. Wait, read on...

I value my time at 30-50USD per hour, maybe more. I value YOUR time at 30-50USD per hour...or more. If you break free, so do I.  I know that you will all spend any money on good projects, and take care of basic needs, as is your right.  If you are reading this, you are a creative who deserves to eat. Translator, musician, blogger, writer. We love it all. 

I don't like the thought of benefit beerheads, highly paid software engineers, ex-businessmen, spooks, or whoever, reading these posts, and just expecting that people in the wisdom game write for free. If you bought the book, you will get a lot, but everyone else....sorry, no longer.

So, from now on, if you want to read my writing, you can buy the book in the sidebar, or you can contribute to the ticker, below. When I receive 30-50USD in the ticker, or however much I feel I am worth that day. I will work an hour on this blog. I have a lot to say. Later, I will raise my rates. I hope we can ALL raise our rates, because we're all worth it. I hope we reach 500usd per hour, per person. All seven billion of us can start to break free, and fund awesome projects. Increased fiscal momentum will expedite liberation. 

Solving The Riddle?

Using this business model, you can charge sky-high prices, and still give away knowledge for free. Who are two of the richest people on the planet right now? The Zuck + Larry Page. Have you ever given them money? No. They got rich by giving away a product to 98 per cent of people for zero. 

The more money I make, the more people I can employ and drag out of poverty. 

If I don't receive anything, I'll go teach some more hours. I respect people's choices. I'm making an offer to the market, and the market can respond how it wants. 

I got a fair donation just now... That will go to Microflow development costs. But no more "free" blogging, unless I really feel it. If I get time to write, I can innovate more, and help more people break out quicker. I have hundreds of pages of notes to write up. I can pay someone to trawl through my writing and edit it together. 

I am committed to solving the income/fairness riddle for as many people as possible, while we're blockaded. The more people get on their financial feet, the quicker liberation comes. 

You can copy this business model if you want. 

If it's done right, the Microfunding model could drag millions, if not billions of people out of poverty. 

1) Make an offer.
2) Release something if people hit the funding target.
3) Repeat. 

If you use this funding method, you can credit Microflow.

Or you could use the post funding, "tip" method, where people tip for a good video using Changetip or Paypal, but that hasn't worked for me. 

Another option is to use timewalling, like Benjamin Fulford. He asks for 3 days grace, so he can pay his rent. Look how that request gets treated. And people wonder why other civilizations don't want to deal with us. 

Last: There are some people out there who could easily bankroll a few hundred dollars for the whole community. That's OK, I guess, I was offered something and put it towards Microflow. But I don't like the idea of a couple of generous + rich people paying for an entire community, some of whom are richer than they make out. 

If you don't pay for something, you don't always value it. 

Alright... Rant over. Lets see what this bar does... I hope you like these ideas, and use them to build your dreams.