Tuesday 30 June 2015

Microfunding for July

Here are the articles we want to write in early July:

Other people charge 50 dollars, or 100 dollars, or 250 dollars per person for access to their information. We charge 80-120 USD per internet. That means if the entire internet scrapes some money together to pay for a few hours of our time, we'll write the articles. 

You are welcome to use this funding model yourself. 

There is more than enough money out there for this community of talented writers. 

If we get each article partially funded, we will still write something. We never hold information to ransom. If we don't get any money, we will get to writing the articles one day, but it will take longer doing it in our spare time. You are paying for 7-15 years of study.

Articles we want to Microfund:

Introduction to Spiritual Courts and Liens

In which we lay out the basics of writing lawful, spiritual affidavits, and talk about how to access the Inner Courts, and bring justice on someone fairly. There are higher courts out there, that are more powerful than our own corrupt system. 

Strategic suggestions for Cobra and other Liberation groups: How to 5x the liberation process. 

We can see some groups making the same mistakes over and over again. In this article we lay out some suggestions for Cobra and other liberation groups, and talk about the war behind the veil, the nano realms, internal techniques how to make the weekly meditations much more powerful, how to discern disinfo better, how to move from vertical to lateral funding structures, how planting trees is more powerful than planting stones, pico energy instead of free energy, dissolving Saturine energy, bilocation to Mars, Venus and beyond, Microflow for financial liberation.... and more. 

If you want our advice, please donate something, and we'll do our best to write what we know. 

If we get overfunded for either article, we'll write more. 


Contact With Agartha is still being written.... 80-100 pages are in draft. It won't come out til the time is right. We are currently focused on Microeconomics. 

As you may be able to see, things are improving... May financial and physical liberation come for all of us.


  1. I would like to discuss ideas regarding "Strategic suggestions for Cobra and other Liberation groups: How to 5x the liberation process. "... This is a very important topic to me.

  2. Thanks Castel: Any questions you have, fire away... I will bounce off them and put them in the article.

  3. when I click on the pitchinfeature its not directing me to paypal?

  4. Dear Contact,

    Having unfortunately no success whatsoever with the PitchIn on this page, and wanting to pitch in for the first article (on Spiritual Courts and Liens), I used the "Donate" button instead, indicating my intention in the designated message box. I hope that's ok.

    Be well,


  5. Sorry about the technical difficulties! Yes, please use the donate button... Thanks!