Saturday 27 June 2015

Out of the Grid

QUOTE (From comments in the Ruiner's blog): "One note: a couple of weeks after living outside my ego complex, I had the distinct experience of being forced back into my ego, almost like I was being punished. I was put back into my cell. It was odd and interesting."


Contact Point: The grid is getting weaker, and they just can't hold us all in any more. Once our energy gets passed a certain critical mass, we can get out of the matrix/ego complex. 

I mean we can experience life on the surface without being hooked to the grid. I've had 2 or 3 experiences free from the electromagnetic grid in the last 2 or 3 months. Each experience only lasted 2-3 hours. I'm amazed you got 2 or 3 weeks free. You must have a lot of energy.


The first time I was taken out, I went half crazy, I thought it was "The Event." I remembered everything: Why I was here,  what the mission was, the promises I'd made before incarnating. I ran downstairs and started with my breakthrough protocol. I withdrew all my cash from the ATM and ran upstairs. 

The second time, I was a lot calmer, and just felt like I was in a TV version of Jupiter Ascending. I could clearly communicate with my guides like they were right in front of me, and I talked them through what I felt.  Apparently they need verbal feedback so they can understand what will happen when the grid comes down. From what I experienced, there will be some people who go a little crazy at the start. It's like remembering everything at once, or being cured of amnesia in one second. 

When the experiences ended, it felt like I was being put back into a box. The implant at the back of my neck was plugged back in, and I went back to that sedated/irritated mood that is a symptom of being plugged in to the control matrix. 

OP, did you feel like the lower  back of your neck was a major insertion point for the grid? 

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  1. One of my teachers told me a story about 10yrs ago... He said he was in the living room relaxing, when he noticed his ego walking down the stairs towards him. He ran and grabbed his shotgun and shouted, "what are you doing here, I thought I killed you a long time ago!" Then fired. Carlos Castaneda talks some about this too... that the ego is so eager to survive, it will spilt and try to take up a life of its own.

    I have never done anything so extreme, had the best luck just "starving it out" and reintegrating all misunderstood aspects. But it is not easy, and is ongoing. I have actually "woken up" in the dream and seen the true nature of this "reality" and then after a couple days, fallen back to sleep and forgotten the whole experience for a time... We will all remember everything eventually and gain the momentum it takes to stay fully awake.