Saturday 1 August 2015

Free Agartha Q+A/Bilocation Conference.

There will be a FREE Agartha Q+A / Bilocation Conference, Sunday at 8pm California time. 



The password is: earthliberationparty, [one word, lower case]


Come and ask questions, meet people and chat. Everyone is welcome. 

We will be doing some Bilocation/OBE exercises together, so be relaxed and have some headphones if possible. 

Please note: If the conference is good (it normally is), the edited transcript will go out as part of Contact With Agartha, so choose a handle you are comfortable with. 

Your questions will help many people understand the topics we are exploring. 

Watch this space for login details. 

NOTE: We'll give out details 1 hour before the conference...

See you then.

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