Saturday 11 July 2015

How to 5X the Liberation Process, Part One: Find the Inner Paradise

Meditate in the Inner Realms, not the Outer Astral.

Calling on people to meditate in the outer astral/etheric plane, or project into the physical world is a good start. But this could ultimately be a tragic waste of effort, if the correct internal techniques are not used. Projecting meditative force into the outer world is like asking 100 people to move a car by pushing sideways on the wing mirror. 

Look at these guys: 

The two men pushing the car are putting a lot of force into what they are doing, but their travails are largely wasted because they do not know WHERE to put their force. 


Out from the Centre

You can visualize the physical world as the final plane in a succession of concentric rings that splay out from the centre, the source of everything. In this model, we visualize the physical plane as the OUTERMOST ring, with source at the centre. 

Source at centre, physical world outside. 

Meditating by projecting outward in the physical world is like trying to change a movie by attacking the screen. Senseless. If you want to change the movie, you have to stay cool, look at where the beam of light is coming from, and go to the projector room to start to change what's being projected. Maybe you switch off the projection machine, or talk the guy in the room into projecting a different movie.

So go within. That tiny phrase ---"go within"--- has become overused and underestimated in today's world. If you really meditate and go inside, you will find an entirely different world. For example, if you have a boss or colleague who are causing you difficulties at work, you could meditate in the physical world and try and "project loving energy" towards them, a commonly used method. *This may have some effect*, sincerity and love can overcome any deficiencies in technique. 

A deeper and more powerful method would be to breathe deep and project through the internal chakras, into the world inside. 

Staying with our "annoying boss or colleague" example, if you projected into the inner world within the chakras, you might find that same irritating colleague, but in a completely different scenario, wearing different clothes, and looking very different from how you know them in the normal world (maybe even a little demonic).

On the inner planes, the Vatican may look like Mordor, or Skynet, or maybe even the Death Star. It depends what timeline you are on, and what your personal inner mythology is...

Whether the above-mentioned scenarios are objective or subjective is beyond the scope of this article, but I have learnt from experience that there are large numbers of people that are able to access the internal world and the realms within. 

You can access the inner world and dramatically improve the power of mediations, if you have the patience and discipline to ignore external distractions and go inside. 

The Truman Show is a metaphor for crossing the Inner Sea.  Rethink the movie with that in mind. "They" are trying to distract us from the inner paradise with a slew of fake intel and continual promises. One of the things they are trying to distract us from is the heaven inside the human body. 

The most direct route to the Kingdom of Agartha, and any other star system, from Orion to Mars, is through the internal connection in the heart. Making an interior connection allows a stronger link from the etheric to the physical world.  

We are approaching critical mass. As more and more people cross the veil, our collective power snowballs...


I got a 30 USD donation to write this series of articles. (I will write and upload more under the original donation shortly) I can develop these ideas more if the internet desires.

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