Saturday 11 July 2015

Introduction To Spiritual Courts, Part One

The Cabal run surface courts are not the highest justice system on Earth... The existence of a legal system in the universe is a closely guarded secret, especially on Earth, for reasons that will become obvious by the end of this article. 

Do you feel as if you are locked up, like there's a mission you have to accomplish, but you cannot remember what it is?

We will now show how to make a direct appeal to the inner courts. 

Inner courts may include justice systems from the Agartha Network, or anywhere else you can imagine. Where these courts are physically based does not matter too much; all that matters is learning the simple process to contact them.

Anyone who has been alive for more than 20 years may have noticed that there is some sort of justice system out there. But how to increase our link with this legal network?

There are two major lies spread by disinfo artists: One: That everything that happens to us is our own fault and karma. Or the other extreme, the idea that everything is pure love, and that divine justice never intervenes in our lives. 

In between these two polarized lies, we have the Spiritual Justice System. 

How to Contact The Inner Courts

1. Meditate and go deep inside. Breath deeply and go into your heart chakra, or any other chakra you like. Inner space is vast. 

2. Ask to contact an Inner Court, the Spiritual Justice system, the Agartha justice system... the name does not matter too much. The key is maintaining a strong and sincere intent. You don't need to "see" anything, just know that contact is taking place. 

3. State your case, make a short report on someone or something, or lodge a grievance as best you see fit. You must develop your own methods for crossing the veil. Don't obsess over protocols, just learn them as you go along. 

4. Write down your grievance and pin it on the wall, or put it in an offline book or website somewhere.

As soon as you write the grievance clearly, it will be "logged in infinity". 

Right now I think there's no need to interact with the defunct legal system. My teachers in Indonesia, and now Taiwan, were adamant that speaking or writing the declaration offline was enough to start the process. 

5. Keep making the report until justice is done. The Cabal have powerful protection systems in place. It will take a sustained and concerted effort from many of us to erode their legitimacy. If enough of us remember our mission, we can build towards critical mass. 

If a complaint is successful, you may see the target make mistakes in the execution of the plans, lose traction in their field, and otherwise lose energy and standing. The entire universe is based on energy. When you lose energy, your plans crumble to dust.

There are some people reading this page who are from powerful soul families. Families that carry extra power and weight in the universe. Some people have lived previous lives in the Agartha Network and other powerful systems.

I can tell you that "They" are terrified of too many people learning these simple techniques, and remembering where they are from. We incarnated here to bring justice to this world, and then we forgot our mission. 

The Inner Courts cannot act unless directly petitioned. 

Casually wishing that justice comes to someone may help, but it is best to formalize the process. 


The conversation between the Princess, Sebastian and Atreyu at the end of The Never Ending Story describes the trials and dilemmas of many spiritual incarnates. When the Princess says to Sebastian "give me a new name." you could read: "contact the Inner Courts and lodge a grievance." 

Sebastian is our physical body. Atreyu the higher self. The Princess represents the Lemriuan, Agarthan and other kingdoms, and the spiritual world in general. They cannot act unless petitioned. The process of asking for justice needs to be continual... 

Once is not enough. 

NOTE: I would be careful to go inside and contact the inner legal system, otherwise you may just be tricked into contacting the astral courts, which are a sham legal system devised by the fake astral system.

I got 17USD worth of donations to write that article. I can develop it further if more come. Cheers. 

Any questions? Please write them below. Happy to explain this subject.

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