Monday 13 July 2015

Taking Down the Matrix.

The lower back of the neck is a major entry point for Matrix energies. See this 10 second clip from Matrix Revolutions:

Taoist meditators prescribed a dissolving meditation to deal with energetic blockages. Dissolving practices can help loosen our connection to the control systems.  


Humanity has been oppressed by an artificial control grid called the matrix for thousands of years. It not only keeps Earth in a lockdown quarantine status, it is also a way to control the minds and perceptions of everyone living on this planet.

The Matrix was built on top of our already established natural energy grid, that was set in place eons ago. In essence, the original grid was hijacked and corrupted. An energy system that used to work with us, with the laws of Life and nature, to benefit all, was turned against us, to the detriment of all.

The energy grid works from an interconnected set of special locations all over the globe. As of now, there are Control Rooms situated at each site, deep underground, or otherwise hidden.  In the past, even if we could get to them, we would be denied access because they are locked.

To unlock any Control Room, you must have two keys. The "key holders" have one... and we have the other. All of us possess our own key, its just a matter of remembering how to use it.

In the Hall of Amenti (the Master Control Room), we will be attempting to hold peace negotiations and possibly agree on a swift liberation of Earth and its people.  By presenting our keys to the key holders.  Will they show up? Will they deem us as humanity ready to accept stewardship with Earth? Will they allow the matrix to come down?... We are hopeful and we shall see.

We are traveling (bilocating) to the Control Room sites and we are still in the process of locating all of them.  In our missions,we have learned a lot already.  When we clear the land of all negative and illusory energies and start healing it back to a natural state of balance, something amazing happens.  The original energy grid of Earth is not only healing... it is realigning and reactivating!  The energy wants to flow on a natural path, it wants to flow with Life!

We *ARE* going to have an effect eventually, its only a matter of time.  If they do not turn the matrix off with us, maybe they will be more eager to talk to us once we have taken it down!  This would be the change in energy required for all of humanity to wake up and remember who we ARE! 

This is just another way to use our key... the key is us.

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