Tuesday 14 July 2015

Volunteer Audio Editors Wanted!

Do you like editing audio?

I want to spend more time offline. I have started doing some audio broadcasts. I like to record audio, but editing can be a drag. 

If there's anyone out there that wants to help editing that would allow me to get more information out... I have been doing 6-10 hour days on the net, and that's too much online work to live a balanced life. 

As Red Pill Oracle said, maybe listening to each other's voices helps us exchange soul codes. 

The way I record makes editing intuitive. If I make a mistake, I just retake the phrase immediately after. A decent editor could just snip out the first version. 

I leave long pauses while I think what to say next... I like a bit of silence and bird song, but too much is overly dramatic, so silences need to be shortened.

I don't need much EQing or de-essing. I like to leave it raw. If you filter anything, please send the original MP3 so I can compare. There's a lot of subconscious information encoded in hiss and whitenoise. 

Later, I hope to be able to pay editors 10USD per hour, but for now, volunteers would help.

Say hello at contactwithagartha@gmail.com if you want to contribute. I will normally record in 5-15 minute chunks to make it easier for people. 

Thanks for reading!

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