Saturday 22 August 2015

Escaping the Cage

It started in hearts of man, then spread to the system that man permissioned, that led to allowing the grid that imprisoned our souls.  Every level of this cage is a manifestation of the SAME thing (illusion) and they are ALL of our own making.  The only way to have an effect on it is to start from the bottom-up and the inside-out.

We are in a triple cage
The Ego, the System, the Grid

The cages are fractal...they had be in order to seem "real".  They have assumed the same geometric pattern as our auras... the magnetic field of the Earth, the wave patterns of the universe.  They had to mimic and resemble the Real, in order for them to work effectively.   The first and innermost cage is the ego, the false parasitic voice in our heads.  The middle ring is the system, that governs, and traps all of us in our daily lives.   And the outermost is the grid that incarcerates us all on quarantine Earth.

Even if we opened the cage of the grid... and the cage of the system... We would STILL be caged!  Once we open the first cage, of our egos and free ourselves, it is much easier to open the others.  The pattern is the same... Dissolve the illusion with LOVE!

If we were to tear down the "System" today... odds are, we would only rebuild it!  As long as there are egos at play, we are destined to create an outer reality of disharmony.  What inner fears do we all carry that the system is created for to save and protect us from?  Fear of attack, of inequality, of injustice...  Until enough of us can claim responsibility for our own creation and stop needing someone from the outside to save and protect us we are destined for a life in the system.  Our fears, hatred, greed (all Illusions) are the foundation on which our current "system" is built and it is the root of our disempowerment that led to the grid.

Escaping the Cage
We will continue being trapped as long as we feel trapped

Our emotions and thoughts are the fuel of creation and our actions build momentum to manifestation in the physical.  This starts on the individual level and spreads to the collective level.  Majority rules what we collectively create into being.  The one thing we have control over and responsibility for is what we bring to the table.  So, choosing  to FEEL free not only has direct impact on the quality of our own lives, but can potentially affect the world as a whole... when enough of us are FEELING free.

How do we start feeling free while seemingly captured in all these cages?  We can start by IMAGINING what it would feel like to escape the cages.  Imagining is a very powerful tool... who's to say we are not imagining our reality already?  It doesn't matter if what you feel is "real", because simply feeling it makes it real!  Once we feel it enough, it becomes our reality!

Let's Imagine how it FEELS to be Free
Sit, Relax, Close your eyes and Breathe... Connect to your sacred Heart space
Start with the first cage... your ego

Picture yourself there, see the bars around you

Feel the isolation, the separation, the restriction

You may feel a panic, allow it pass

It is just the illusion of the ego trying to grasp for control

Observe all "negative" emotions being dissolved by the light of your heart

Allow your Love to absorb all the dark... until there is nothing left but light

Imagine you are a cloud

You are vaporous, etheric and weightless

(If you feel "heavy" just rain a little and drop the extra baggage)

Realize you can no longer be contained!

You are free to pass through the bars

Allow yourself to feel the liberation!

The second cage is now blocking your path

The bars are more close together

Transform yourself into a butterfly

Effortlessly fly through the bars of the prison!

Ahead you see freedom

You fly and fly, but then "splat"

You hit a clear plexiglass dome surrounding the atmosphere above

You see the Sun through it... but how do you get past the invisible prison?

Connect your Heart to the Sun

Imagine how IT feels... full of Love and Radiance

Be one with the Sun, merge with it

Be THERE with it, You ARE the Sun!

Look below you... you are on the Sun now! 

You can see the dome you came from....

You are ALREADY Free!

Repeat the exercises until you feel free your daily life.

Let your imagination and heart be your guide, explore and find different ways out of the cages...

There is no right or wrong way, let the moment dictate where you go and how you do it.  Let others know how YOU did it by sharing your experience in the comments.

This is using our dna-skin suit technology, and reclaiming our independence by acknowledging the truth of who we ARE...  timeless, transcendent beings of infinite Love and Light!

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