Tuesday 18 August 2015

Moving Forward Positively

To move forward and focus on the positive now, we recommend everyone focus on their micro-financial skills.  

- Do you have a Bitcoin account for RECEIVING, not paying out money?
- Can you use Changetip?
- Can you use Selz, Paywhirl, PitchinBox?
- (Optional Extra) Can you set up a tax write off charity in your own country? 

Learning the above will take 5-20 hours of fiddly research but it's worth it. 

It plugs you into a potential hundred billion dollar economy that actually EXISTS in real time, now.

We are not telling people there will be some big "disbursal" of funds. We don't control that. But we are slowly putting together a tool to help people fund small amounts of money, and then hopefully increasingly bigger amounts. We are talking about starting with 100USD at a time.

100 USD more than the fake-intel frauds ever gave anyone. How come Yancey Strickler is helping people get millions a day, and BRICS can't give anyone a penny?  

Microflow is a neutral tool, it'll be your job to find people to help fund you.

We will also be releasing info on Amenti, the master control grid of the planet. Again, this could dramatically speed things up. We are all about SPEED.

Do you want speed? Then add your WEIGHT to our timeline, and quit wasting loosh on the frauds. Ha!

Remember the Mission



  1. Since your into water filtration tech have a look at this! http://www.rt.com/news/312691-drinkable-book-water-filter/

  2. Just skimmed it, looks good. Low tech water filtration is a billion dollar industry/necessity. Could create hundreds of millions of jobs.