Tuesday 22 September 2015

Bilocation Techniques Part IV- Heart/Mind Projection

Bilocation – A personal experience
By Vera “Ariana” Le Doux

Heart/Mind Projection

Once you have some experience with bilocation, you simply project your heart/mind. You intend/feel where you wish to go, and you are there! You shift your focus and expand (or contract) into the frequency you wish to harmonize with:

I am. I am that I am. I am all that I am. I am part of a collaborative hologram. I am one with everything. I am everywhere in the NOW moment. There’s no time or space. My heart is the Inner Sun. My Command Control. I AM A SUN! I am the Creator of my reality!

Daozen note: Ariana uses the term thought projection, I prefer heart/mind projection, as there is an emotional component to OBE/bilocation. Please use whatever fits best for you. Heart/mind is loosely based on a Chinese term. 


Once you expand into the Source Consciousness, and comprehend that you are the Creator, you are able expand into anything you choose.  How about expanding into your higher dimensional Self? You are in your heart, in the Point of Singularity, and you expand/thought project/shimmer into your higher dimensional Self. You can expand into anything you wish to focus on in the hologram of all that you are as a collective of Multidimensional Selves.

Right now, let’s focus on you physical body and your higher dimensional light body. As you expand, you are both at the same time, and you are imprinting the physical/emotional body with – WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO BE! 

Feel into your Self - how do you choose to feel? Visualize your self – how do you choose to look? 

This is how we transmute our physical bodies – by embodying the frequency of our higher dimensional Self, but not only that, by embodying all that we are – Love & Light – Source. We are healing our bodies by bringing them into alignment with out True Self.

You have many higher dimensional Selves, but this is the one you are becoming. You are entering/remembering a collective of all the expressions of your Soul though out the infinite dimensions. You are expanding into the Galactic Consciousness, into your Galactic Self.

Bilocation means being at two places simultaneously. Being a multidimensional being you can trilocate and beyond. It is a great way to stretch your level of perception and to activate your Multidimensional Brain.


Daozen note: Search for: Kwizach Haderach


While bilocating in the material and lower emotional planes, you are in your physical body and you bilocate in your etheric body. It will be different if we manage to transmute our physical bodies into light bodies. But no one knows how long that process will take. It could be a few months, or hundreds of years.  I have a feeling we will discard  this vehicle at some point - we shall find out and enjoy the journey!  

Remember, take what resonates, leave the rest.

Before you start bilocating to higher dimensions you may wish to practice bilocation here on Earth. You can go anywhere you want, infinity is your oyster. 

You could visit your relatives home, a place you know very well. See it, hear it, taste it, smell it. Employ your Higher Senses.

Another idea: You may exchange a photo of your home with a friend and build a bridge between your homes, taking turns and magnetizing each other... Emotions are magnetic.  
Or even better, do it with a group! Set a goal, a percentage, how much of your self do you wish to project to the other side? 

Which brings us to a question? What is an ideal percentage? When we are bilocating, what percentage of us should remain in the physical, and what percentage should explore the higher planes?

In all these years I have been bilocating I never had any negative experience, never encountered any danger. So long you are vibrating on a high frequency, you are protected. Be Love, be Light! You are the Creator of your experience!

Daozen note: Every night, in our dreams, we bilocate for eight hours, so it can't be that dangerous. On Earth, I think there may be a few astral trap zones, but whatever happens is a direct reflection of your inner self. When in doubt, go deep inside the heart... Any external astral technique can be inverted, to travel deep into the nanorealms inside the human body. 

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