Wednesday 2 September 2015

How to Fork a Timeline. Part One

The Garden of Many Paths. How to Fork a Timeline. 

What would you say to a guy in a big city who went back to the same restaurant every day; complained about the food, bitched about the service, and argued with the manager? But he keeps going back, day after day... Or someone who listens to the same album all day but says he can't stand it? Or those people that stay with abusive friends and partners, and keep making excuses for them?

What would you say?:

"Stop complaining....Why don't you just walk away?"

 "You could find a new restaurant, new album, or new people to hang out with." 


The universe is vast, we have more choices than we think.

Building a timeline is no big deal. Human beings do it all the time. I learned to play "Fly Me to the Moon" on my Ukulele. I have now created a timeline where I can play this Sinatra song. Anyone who listens to me playing is now co creating a timeline with me. Popular bands and albums create very large timelines with their albums and concerts. These timelines involve millions of humans, and create whole cultures. Beethoven, Jimi Hendrix, Ragtime, Punk, Woodstock. 

Human beings collaborate and build timelines from nothing. 

Even making a pizza and inviting 4 friends round for dinner creates a new timeline. Where you decide to eat breakfast, or what transport you take to work makes a new timeline. Reality is continually branching off. Sometimes, these forks are trivial, other times, they change our lives irrevocably. 

We have all felt the touch of destiny in our lives at one point or another. 

Like a vast city, the universe is a huge freewill zone. New timelines can bifurcate at any moment, if human beings just make the choice to create them. 

You can create and uncreate. We can block toxic people: backstabbers, flakes, narcissists and covert control freaks from our own timelines. Sometimes, it is as easy as unfriending them on Facebook and doing something else. They will faaade away into their own reality. 

If the aggressor is a public figure, it takes a little more energy to do this....

We are timeline-creating-creatures. We do it so often, we don't even notice. 

We have written a sworn declaration talking about the timeline we want to build. To do the same, all anyone has to do is:

How to Create a New Timeline: Quickstart Guide

1) Write what you want.
2) Write what you don't want.
3) Appeal for help.
4) Sign the declaration.

Declarations are better than appeals, or petitions. Why? Because we are creators and we don't petition any high authority. We state our truth to the universe, and ask for help and assistance from all the good people out there. 

When I was in training with the Agartha Network and their surface operatives, they made a big, big, big, big, big deal about writing down sworn declarations.  It's one of the most powerful ways to appeal to the forces that are helping us. 

Etheric Voting

Writing a declaration also stimulates a vote on the etheric planes, in places like Amenti, Shamballah, Telos and who knows where else. We can't normally perceive it, but it is happening. We are living multiple lives, on multiple planes, concurrently. The negatives are doing everything they can to distract us from these planes and techniques. 

We have requested the help of the Agartha Network and various star nations to help build our new timeline. If we do that, they have large energy mechanisms they can use to help us "fund" a particular timeline. We've done it successfully before, and we can do it again. 

You can read our declaration if you like. You can use it as a model to write your own declaration, or co-sign ours. 

Our Timeline


  1. Thanks for this post, great info. I think that the "future" is basically an extension of the now, so whatever we are "feeling" now is what we create more of in the future. Been trying to be very aware of feeling and being love now and living with the feeling that it is already done. If we can hold peace, love and unity in our hearts now, we can speed up creating this timeline.

    1. Yes Red Pill Oracle, you get it. And thank you for reminding me that our emotional signature, as individuals and as a collective, is key. Sometimes I slip into frustration. If I do this, I will remain stuck. Frustration brings frustration. Mystery brings mystery. Love and freedom brings love and freedom.

      The divine feminine reminds us to stop strategizing and overthinking, and just focus on the pure magic of feeling.

      Sometimes a Terminator, sometimes an Elf.

  2. Here is some more water tech I found :)

    1. Thanks Tim. And any time we even share a link, we are voting. weaving and funding a positive future.

    2. Yep that's why I shared this!

  3. An excellent way to co-create our Divine Blueprint with Gaia. Thank you for the information and the inspiration.

    1. Glad you liked it, I AM Love. Yes, we are renegotiating our divine blueprint with Gaia and the universe.

      No small feat.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Master D, more coming. I realized people really like these how to guides.

  5. Yes these how-to-guides are very useful, thank you.

    It's "funny" to see how simple most things are, we (our brain and external context on purpose) have overcomplicated things continuously.

    1. Yes we do overcomplicate things. There are many simple things we do, we don't realize how magic they are...