Sunday 6 September 2015

Journey to Amenti

Over the next several weeks, we will be releasing information on the Halls of Amenti. The information has been gathered from putting puzzle pieces together and by direct experience of going there by means of bilocation. 

Etheric Arrests? 

NOTE from Daozen: When I went to Amenti, guided by Red Pill Oracle's advice, the first thing I saw was a wooden barn like something out of Lord of the Rings. Inside were popular alt media personalities, well known dark people masquerading as lightworkers. They were trussed up, bound, gagged, and wriggling! They were in some sort of holding cell, all lined up on the floor. Some of them were in sacks. As I saw them there over the course of a few visits, I saw them simultaneously losing energy, viewcounts and followers in the physical world. What happens that side of the veil, affects there, and vice versa. Just like Bastion and Atreyu live parallel lives. 

The master control rooms are a closely guarded secret. Gain access to them and we can change things quicker.


 Amenti is a place that can be explored by all, so by no means do we expect anyone to be dependent on “taking our word for it”. In fact, the point of releasing this info on Amenti is to spark a discussion, strengthen our Heart connection with the Heart of Earth, and illuminate a pathway to self-discovery and empowerment. 

We wish to evolve an expanding understanding of this special place by encouraging ALL to go, see, and feel from their own unique perspective. When we share our experiences and compare notes we hope that a bigger picture understanding will emerge.  The first step is to go and explore...

The Journey to Amenti
Sit or lay down and get comfortable

Relax your body and breathe deeply

Drop your consciousness down into you heart space

Feel yourself expand as you enter the sacred chamber of your heart


Notice how you seem to shine and radiate light from the inside out

Tense and relax your body into a deeper state of calm perfection

From the navigation chamber in your heart, envision the Earth in front of you.


Watch her beautifully spinning in space, feel yourself being drawn closer to her...and her to you

The Earth grows larger as you get closer...

Reach out and embrace her, allowing the essence of yourself to fully merge with the Earth.


Feel the love for you, how she has nurtured you... And all of her children

Allow your heart to connect with the heart of the Earth

Feel her joy, her pain, her sadness and her Love... Let it flow through you in perfect 

acceptance for all that has ever happened on this planet.


Request to go to Amenti

The Earth's sacred chamber in her heart

You may feel a downward spiral, like you are falling

Let go, surrender, and allow yourself to fall.... Down... Down deeper, deep into the heart of the Earth.

**Allow your heart and inner guidance to direct you from here.  Visit as often as you wish.  This guided journey is just a suggestion... trust yourself to find your own way with time and practice.


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  3. Daozen I noticed a recent comment of yours on cobra's blog so I thought I should let you know you'll will find more spirituality in a psychedelic plant than any snobby new age limited Intel hangout group with a bunch of self centered narcissistic sheep who think they're spiritual :) As for Cobra and his Intel I don't always agree with it but the blogosphere has little to offer besides charlatans who give channeled information and call it Intel and than ask for a donation after its highly laughable. :) So far your blog is the only other blog I consider valuable in way of information. Btw my advice to you and others is don't get caught in the spiders web looking for answers ;)

    1. Cobra does post good info fairly often, and I have learnt a lot from him. For example, a Pleaidean base in Bora Bora, or a major mind control unit under Long Island? I could never have worked that out myself.

      It is more his inner circle of followers I am railing against. I just have to get it off my chest. They are a bunch of backstabbing fakes, most of them. But there are good people trapped in there, and it's worth a ten minute rant twice a week to help them wake up. I want my loosh back. :)

      I still hope Cobra supports our microfinance portal when it comes out. He helped us with Contact With Agartha, when no one else wanted to know, so there is always hope for co-operation.

      Yes, I have realized I should get out in the sun more and just enjoy life. I get better intel from the elves in the trees than the blogs. All humans also have the ability to energetically teleport to other worlds and interact direct with whoever's there. So much better than third hand information.

      But things ARE rolling forward, and the veil is coming down.



  4. I almost forgot thanks for posting this wonderful article RedPill Oracle :)

  5. Thank you, Tim! We appreciate your support here. We are all learning together!