Friday 4 September 2015

Orion Part Three: The Saturn Stargate / Prince Ninurta of Rigel.

Wes Penre:

After the Queen of the Stars left the Earth, Prince Ninurta, as her and Khan En.lil’s heir, was assigned Earth to become his domain[35]. Not only was he assigned the Earth, as it were, but also the entire solar system.

The well-known fact that Ninurta is related to the planet Saturn is significant because as Commander in Chief of the solar system, he was also in charge of the stargates which work as entries into and exits from the solar system. The Earth happens to sit in the middle of the star lane, Pesh-Meten, which is mainly used for business and trade between different star systems. The main stargate, which star beings used if they wanted to enter our solar system, or were just passing by was (and is still) located somewhere in the vicinity of the planet Saturn. Some say it’s located in the rings of Saturn, while others mention the hexagon at Saturn’s North Pole. I am, at this time, not certain about the exact point where this stargate is located, but I would presume it’s one of the two just mentioned, or it could, perhaps, be both of them. I know that the Council of 12 or 13(also called the Council of Saturn), which in these ancient times was appointed by Ninurta, sat in the rings of Saturn, but in a higher dimension. They were the ones who decided who was eligible to enter the solar system and who was not. At the head of this council was Prince Ninurta, and he was always consulted if the rest of the Council was uncertain whether to let a star being or a group of traders through. The hexagon, by the way, was discovered by the probes that NASA sent out in the later part of the 1970s, and they took pictures and video films of Saturn once they passed the giant gas planet. This unexplained phenomenon was once again mentioned in the news just a few weeks before I wrote this paper[36] (fig. 6).
Fig. 6. The hexagon at Saturn’s North Pole.
Another name for Ninurta is “The God of the Hunt[37],” and he was also known as a “war-god” in Sumer.[38] This doesn’t mean that he walked around and created wars, but as the heir of Orion, he was also known as Archangel Michael, Second in Command, while Khan En.lil is Archangel Michael, First in Command. The term “Archangel Michael” originates in Orion and is not a person, but again, a title. It is carried by the being (or beings) who are in command of Queen Nin’s Special Forces, and the “Michaels” are always of the Queen’s Court. We can find references to Archangel Michael in the Bible as well—more specifically in the Book of Daniel[39], where he is called a “great prince who stands up for the children of your people.”[40]Wikipedia says about Michael:
In the New Testament, Michael leads God's armies against Satan's forces in the Book of Revelation, where during the war in heaven, he defeats Satan. In the Epistle of Jude, Michael is specifically referred to as an "archangel".[41]
Satan and his forces in this sense are Prince as Lucifer and his Fallen Angels. In the “War in Heaven,” which we shall come back to in a future paper, Ninurta, as Archangel Michael, Second in Command, defeated Satan and his cohorts in a battle and threw him out of Heaven. These Bible stories are all allegories for what actually happened in the Orion Empire a long time ago.

Therefore, Ninurta, God of the Hunt, simply means that he is second in command of the Queen’s Special Forces, which are located in Orion in order to defend the Empire against attacks—especially from Prince and his armies, something the Queen allegedly is expecting to happen sometime in the future.

Anyway, there is actually another reason why I am mentioning all this and especially Ninurta as a hunter. If we look at mythology once again, who else is a hunter up in the Heavens? Some readers may have guessed. The answer is Orion. Orion is a male and known as “Orion, the Hunter![42]

Daozen: The War over the Saturn Stargate rages on. This conflict is one of the major readings of Lord of The Rings. Humanity has to "destroy the Ring.". The fight is occurring on the Nanoplanes too. We can go inside and see what's there if we break our programming. The chakras are a window to anywhere. 

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