Tuesday 29 March 2016

Offered to take a Polygraph

Discussion Here


  1. Sounds cool but paid hacks will always try to debunk no matter what you do and your correct a run of mill notary and or polygraph examiner will do just fine.
    I say if your willing to prove yourself go ahead it will certainly put a bee in
    the bonnet of self anointed contactees everyone swoons over. Btw I also want to make clear not all contactees are like this but you know what I mean.

  2. Good News Daozen common sense is now becoming more common! Remember the fence that collects fog and turn into fresh water well it has been proven to be 500% effective with new technology added. Excerpt from article: ''Harvesting fog could help provide drinking water to some of the driest regions on Earth. In the Moroccan desert, for example, black nets collect over 15 gallons of water per square yard of netting every 24 hours.''


  3. If the author of that thread pays I will take a Polygraph. If not, I'm far too busy learning programming.

    It is awesome that they are upgrading Fog Fence technology. I will reblog it if I get time. That's exactly what we need. More innovation in the low tech sphere.