Sunday 3 April 2016

Putin on a Unicorn!!!!!!!!!! Fake, Agenda Driven "Lightworkers" Resorting to Outright Lies about Russian Leader and Vaccines

Here's a fake intel article supposedly showing "brave Putin" taking a stand against vaccines. 

It's all lies. A 10 second search of Google News shows Putin is going full steam ahead with Zika and Ebola vaccines:

The writer of the above article is delusionalZika and Ebola are both manufactured threats. So Putin is playing along 100 percent. 

What is wrong with these "lightworkers", that they will write an entire article without doing 10 seconds of research? And what is their agenda?

What a Real Putin Would Do...

Heart disease is a huge worldwide problem. If Putin was for real, he would've revealed that Iodine, Magnesium, and Vit C deficiencies cause heart disease and many other illnesses. But he doesn't. It's all a game.

But the question is... why are these fake lightworkers pushing Putin so hard?

We can become our own leaders. We have all the technology available to live in a genuinely decentralized system.

Don't let these liars fool anyone into accepting Slavery 2.0.

Oh, and...


A quick skim of the comments in the Prepare for Change article shows that not many people are buying the BS. The author is getting a little tetchy. 

So long suckers, we have a timeline to build. 

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