Tuesday 26 April 2016

Chintamani Health Warning?

One more thing...

Chinatamani stones are supposed to "raise your vibration" and increase your spiritual power, correct?

Logical observation suggests the opposite.

Most people have realized that Corey Goode is making up his story. The only people who still support him are...wait for it... Chintamani Inner Circlers, who continue to push Corey's ramblings even now, in 2016. 

So there is abundant logical evidence that; far from increasing discernment, Chintamanis actually significantly lower your brainpower. The more of them you own, the less you know. 

Maybe these precious trinkets should come with a health warning, and buyers could factor in a loss of 5 IQ points per stone. 

The true power on Earth is inside the human endocrine system, mind and infinite heart. We don't need anyone to sell us our own power, or even worse, generously give us our own power. Manipulative groups have been doing that for millennia.

It shows a lot about our spiritual immaturity as a planet, if some of us are obsessing over crystalline rocks during a humanitarian crisis. I hope one day these "liberators" decide to plant forests of living food, for 1 cent per seed. 

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