Tuesday 26 April 2016


Does "The King of The World" really want people to run around burying 2-3 centimetre stones in the Earth? Seriously? On a planet with multiple humanitarian crises occurring right now? No food, no water, and people are taught to focus on planting crystals in soil? Am I supposed to believe that a hyper-advanced subterranean civilization wants people to ignore the plight of our fellow humans, and focus on luxury New Age jewelry? How many liters of water could you purify for the price of one of those stones?

I was put under pressure to keep my silence about this ill-conceived enterprise. I cannot keep my mouth shut any longer. 

In my experience (4 years of contact 2009-2013) I learned that the Agartha Network respects quiet, humble work done unobtrusively. They do not tend to support showboating or bluster. All the people I met who had access to subterranean cities were involved in helping local farmers, water purification, women's rights, and other essential projects. Humans have value. 

Why not plant fruit trees, or FOOD? Would the propagators of this "burying stones to liberate the planet" belief system sign an oath/affidavit saying they are really doing this for the good of the Earth, and not for personal reasons? Underneath the pretense of "giving the stones away"...some of them have made a lot of money from this New Age scam. I took investment from a Chintamani ringleader, and despite what you may have heard, I am in the process of paying it all back, as I could not work under the limitations imposed. 

Always check both sides of the story before you believe gossip. Does taking investment mean you should look the other way when you encounter an abuse of trust? In this case, the abuse of the name of Agartha, to fatten egos and bank accounts. 

The Cintamani project is pure bourgeois delusion. I hope the real Agartha Network sorts this situation out ASAP. That is all. 



  1. The problem is people are looking for a free handout which no one is going to give them quite obviously. :D The way to rebuild society is to have people who are willing to cooperate with each other and to make things better for all.

  2. That's the insidious thing Tim, it takes hours of work to build a business or attract investment, but people are being offered free money from a Trillion dollar fund. Hours of work to claim inner power, but people are offered a short cut with crystals. Hours of work to transcend emotional limitations, but people are being offered a quick fix. Millions of people will need to work together to reform our society, but we are being offered easy easy easy mass arrests. Hmmmmm...

    Who in theology offers the easy path?

    1. Lol well if they wish to be like Buddha they could sit under a tree which is free and costs nothing btw and do their inner work :D

    2. But seriously though these people are severely divorced from reality thats why I sidestep them. Btw here is a song by Johnny Marr Easy Money https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_P5iSG_APE Its self explanatory lol.

    3. Yes, that's the irony, the easy path is the longest and most painful, and ultimately the hardest. I like Johnny Marr, he's a great guitarist.

  3. Considering you have written articles on such topics as switching on energetic sight and bilocating I'm quite surprised to see you underestimate the power of minerals so greatly