Friday 14 November 2014

Bilocation to Telos


Telos is the most gregarious and open Agarthan city. Apart from Shamballah, many secret cities are not even named in topside literature. Cultures and viewpoints vary between cities. Some are more open than others. Telos lies both in the subterranean world, and the etheric world above the mountains. It exists on several planes at the same time. Telos is a jumping off point and waystation to many worlds beyond this one. 

The floodgates are opening, and more and more information will start to come out over the next few months. The Agartha Network and its allies wishes to provide emergency aid and solace for those on the spiritual path. 

Sharula Dux's testimonial is perhaps one of the most credible testimonials of the 20th century, you can read it here: TELOS

Californian culture is deeply influenced by the secret cities of the west coast. The networks cooperate with topsiders regularly. The existence of secret cities is widely known, but seldom spoken about.


- Don't worry about passwords, names, or secret symbols or mantras. Sincerity is all it takes.

- Don't worry about permission, or not feeling worthy enough. Just go with your feelings. There are many levels and circles to Agarthan cities, just try and reach out, and see what happens. 

- Don't worry about making a replica of your physical body.  You can project as a formless cloud of awareness, or anything else you feel.

- Don't talk to them as if they are Gods or masters. Just treat them as long lost family members. They have their own problems and evolutionary path. Later, after Liberation, we may find that our genetics have abilities that they don't.

- Don't cling or outstay your welcome. Telosian time runs slower than ours. A minute on our side can be months or years for them. After you feel you've learnt something, bilocate somewhere else. (More on this later)

- Don't limit yourself. You never know what you can achieve on the inner planes.

- Don't waste time negotiating and asking for physical contact. That will come when the time is right, probably after tension on the surface has decreased. 

- Don't worry about what your physical senses tell you. Learn to sense with your heart, navel, third eye, and other inner senses. 

Having said all that, relax and enjoy the journey. The emotion of love and wisdom is easier to feel in Telos and other Agarthan settlements. 


Have a clear reason and purpose for going there. Maybe you need help with a physical problem, a financial idea, bad luck, spiritual protection, or just want to hang out and enjoy their etheric company. 

Be very honest with yourself about what you can sense. Don't try and make the landscape conform to preconceived expectations.

Find a way to protect yourself, and discern astral tricksters and traps.

Last, you might not be able to bilocate, but you can daydream you are bilocating. Forget about techniques, reach out with love, and enjoy the journey...


  1. I will do this after meditation when I am relaxed and in a receptive state!
    I am reminded how I used to go into the Ocean astrally/or day dreaming to get over fear of water. I remember how it used to bring up the sensations of fear within my body when I would go into the water. I assume if I do this over and over it will become a skill and tool that will grow stronger and more clear the more I do it.
    I am looking forward to doing this!
    David Moses

    1. It takes a while to get it right, but it's definitely worth it in the end. The experience is definitely better after meditation. The key is to relax and enjoy the journey. Good music, good food and exercise help a lot too... Peace.

  2. So at you just project yourself in imagination and all out for contact?

    I know it is not the subject here, but can you say more about the potential of daydreaming? What is its strength? We never speak about daydreaming in our routine lives.

    I am often daydreaming of being the president of my country, the legislations I would do, the people I would bring in, the reforms, and all. I go really deep in detail. What is funny is that I always go back in time and daydream about being elected in 2007. (Maybe there was a timeframe?) I was first thinking that everybody is probably daydreaming of being the president of their country, but maybe it's not?

    1. *and call out for contact? (sorry)

    2. The essence is that you can connect part of your being, of your consciousness to these places, and therefore experience a real exchange of energy, receive healing, teachings, etc. Even if you do not see everything that happens consciously, it still happens.

      Daydreaming can also have effects in the sense that you are expressing a free will decision. Rather than asking for it or wishing it, you can declare it, say it is so, because you are the creator. You might or might not end up president but what matters is that your decisions be manifested. So we wanna manifest for the highest purpose, for the highest good of all, and progressively it is the only decisions that are being allowed.

    3. Good to hear. Bilocation takes a lot of practice but it's worth it.

  3. I have contact with Adamma through a channel. Have visited the mountain ...Shasta. If I bilocated there info is that they are quite busy with their reincarnation work....could I find a small coffee house to affiliate?

    1. It's so secret to think about Shasta or underground cities and I would like to know the connections to who is who, it looks like whoever runs the surface is lower level prison guards, maybe underground city people prefer this because surface people are rejects. I would like to know since they seem to exist but not interested in me and people I know because they never send a letter or show up, it means rejection from all I know.

  4. Probable all this ( yet) is not accessible to us because I think they exist in another dimension even who run some time with our dimension , probable some know ,even the Gov , but hey they keep this hide and call Classify Information , but remember nothing on this Planet can't hide , and one day soon all come to the lights with the help with our Big Creator .

  5. This place is on the one hand so beautyfull and interesting with all this creatures and lifeforms. Where you look if you are openminded it is so satisfying to see this wonders all around us. The ocean waves ... the winds howling through the trees ... the sund awakening in the morning sky. All that so peacefull. But on the other hand the guys who run this place and watch over this 8 billions humans have installed a system with so much pain for so many people. Why is it? What can i do to help the universalentities in creating so lovely places like this earthly gem, but without this negative pain for the humans. Please tell me here: