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Contact With Agartha Chapter Four - Agarthan Daily Life, Part One

Thanks to Truthseeker for providing the questions for this next chapter. As the answers will be helpful for everyone, we will be releasing selected parts of this interview online, so everyone can benefit. We wrote over 20 pages for this questionnaire alone. Thanks to our readers for supporting Inner Earth disclosure, and speeding up the liberation process. Readers who bought the Contact with Agartha PDF will get an enhanced version of this chapter later this summer. There are still over 100 pages in the original 3 chapters, plus bonus books. 

More than 80 pages now lies in draft form, ready to be put online when the time is right. Please take your time and contemplate each answer at your own pace. Our job is to harmonize relations between the two civilizations, not give day to day intel. 

“On the practical side, it meant emotions powerful enough to bend galaxies, would be born, here at the nexus.” - Dan Winter 

Contact With Agartha Chapter Four

Part Four : Civilian Agarthans

Q + A: Agarthan Daily Life

A reader compiled a list of questions about the lives of “Average” Agarthans. It's difficult to give general answers about the entire planet because there are so many civilizations on the other planes. There are more cultural differences and biodiversity in Inner Earth than in our zone. Surface dwellers occupy a thin sliver of land on the topside of our globe. Our deepest (publicly acknowledged borehole is only a few miles in depth:


We don't know who lives in the rest of the Earth. There are many unexplored regions all over the planet:

So... if there are other cultures on Earth, maybe they have different social rules. They may have gone in very different directions than us. How would a society develop if they were freed from debt slavery?

Our one-size-fits-all corporate banking system enforces a cultural homogeneity that does not exist in the deeper realms, or the worlds above. Add to that, the fact that a lot of life in this universe is on the etheric and energy planes, and you have a planet with more life than we may suspect. I have heard wildly varying estimates for the total number of souls living in Inner Earth, from a few hundred million, to upwards of 10 billion. It depends whether you are counting only physical beings, or energetic life as well. Even the most informed surface dweller has very little idea of what is really happening in the subterranean world. 

The physical world is vast, but the other planes, even more so. When you consider that the physical universe is only a small percentage of the totality of creation, you have to wonder what is going on in the other levels of existence.

For the following questionnaire, we can take 'average' to mean common, or 'non military', maybe civilian is the best word to use.

Truthseeker: Are the “average” Agarthans aware of the surface population?

Contact: Yes they are, especially since 1945, when surface militaries discovered the atomic bomb. After summer 1945, topside humans went from being a mild headache in a far away land to a constant, creeping threat. Some Inner Earth dwellers were content to ignore us before the end of WWII, others wanted to help. Before 1945, some of them may have just regarded the surface world as a strange, dreamlike, mythical realm, almost like a purgatory or hell. I have met some connected people and insiders who referred to our world, the surface of Earth, as Hell! It's not hard to see why someone would think that.

The two world's reflect each other, as our destiny is interlinked. One of the most interesting aspects of the interaction between Agartha and the surface world is the fact that we are each other's dreamworld. Events there affect us, and we influence their lives, in ways that are difficult, if not impossible, to explain. The film The Neverending Story, with the parallel interaction between Sebastian and Atreyu, characters who are both mirrors of each other, explains this situation in fairytale terms.

Truthseeker: If so, how do the "average" Agarthans perceive the surface population as beings?

Contact: Europeans have varying attitudes towards Africans, likewise, Agarthans have wildly differing viewpoints towards their surface cousins.

On the more negative side, my teacher told me, in the 27 odd years he spent there, he was attacked just a couple of times. When he was assaulted, he would fight just enough to defend himself, and then call his guards, and try and get away. Other times, he said there were subterraneans who sat there with their arms crossed, fuming and glaring at him. They didn't like him, didn't want him to be in their world, but couldn't assault him because he was a guest there.

When we were in Hong Kong one day in January 2010, he told me "some of them say we are disgusting" (partly due to the bacterial/viral load we carry)- but that kind of attitude and behaviour is very rare.

He was down there for over a quarter century (because of time differences, that visit took less than half an hour of surface time) and was in physical trouble only twice. 2 attacks in 27 years is not such a big deal. You are in more danger on the average Saturday night in one of our cities, than in the subterranean world.

I was talking to someone from a parallel civilization on a beach one day in early 2011. It was the 1st or 2nd of January, if I remember right. Just to be clear, this was a physical, real world conversation with a human looking man. He owned a cafe, was starting a business, and had hobbies and flaws just like everyone else. 

During the conversation this man-from-a-parallel-civilization referred to "80 percent" of people on the tropical island we were on, as 'vermin'. Again, these are kind of extreme viewpoints, but it happens. Apart from that comment, he seemed like a normal person, who was into meditation and organic farming technology. I don't see Agarthans as any more conceited than the average surface human. Surface dwellers can happily ignore the mass starvation and thirst this world undergoes every day. I remember Alex Collier, in one of his interviews, saying some of his contacts told him we are “worse than the Nazi's” because we don't even feed our own. When you look at the maths, it's hard to disagree with him.

If you're wondering why they rarely contact anyone, now you know. When they do come up, they will probably visit charities and ethical projects first. In fact, they are probably embedded there right now. 

Coming to Visit

Around 2010, on another, more remote island in Indonesia, which was very out of the way, and far from any governmental control centre, subterraneans used to come out walking more often. They normally came at night. I heard they do the same thing in LA, and other cities all over the world. They will do it everywhere, I just specifically heard LA and California in casual conversation more than once. They choose night because some of them don't like our sun much.

When do they come up? Their timetable for coming to the surface varies. There are some religious months when they come out more frequently. The schedule varies from country to country. In Indonesia, around November time was mentioned. The Balinese called it “the month when the Gods come out”. I don't like that term, because these beings are far from being Gods. Most of the sincere ones discourage worship. Most of the insincere ones encourage it.

On predominantly Muslim islands, like Java, the timetable for coming up here will be different. In Hong Kong, a festival in August was mentioned. I guess it was the Seven Sisters festival or the Hungry Ghost festival, but I'm not sure.

Referring specifically to the island he was living on, my teacher in Indonesia told me "when they come out, they want to fight us"-

I said "Why?"

He said, "Because they say we are arrogant. They say: we have nothing but we are arrogant." I understood 'they want to fight us' to mean "they want to clip us round the ear" or "knock some sense into us" as opposed to a full on military attack.

Remember, they are watching us spend billions of dollars a year on beer, cigarettes, and plastic crud without tackling basic poverty problems. Readers may get bored of me making that point. I am also bored of living in a society where people chatter about nothing all day long. Last year I sat and watched a community go gaga over a free energy device, meanwhile there are people drinking dirty water in Africa. Put yourself in the shoes of an Agarthan. How does that look to an observing civilization? Sorry if that offends anyone. It also offends me that people should choose to fund electricity, fridge magnets, potato salads or banana guards before taking care of human life. So there you go. We are all offended now. :) You wanted Contact with Agartha, it's my duty to give it to you undiluted. The energy of Agartha/Shamballah is like a whip that cracks. It will not let anyone lie to themselves. 

Free energy is a noble goal, but it's best to build a society from the ground up. Civilization starts with water.

On the positive side, Agarthans understand that there's no point in judging, as their freedom is linked to ours. The vast majority of them want to help us now. They are coming up here more often as the blockade weakens. Our world is rough but exciting to them. As an analogy, maybe their visits here is like a person from a comfortable background taking a 2 week trip into the mountains in Nicaragua. Stimulating, dangerous, and an opportunity to test oneself. Have a look at Warrior of the Soul to gain a deeper insight into how they interact with us. It's one of the best books written on the subject. (Maybe better than this book!)

Truthseeker: Are the "average" Agarthans afraid of us, if they are aware of us? 

Contact: Our nuclear weapons are a problem. For them, coming up here is only OK in designated safe zones. They can potentially get interfered with when they are on a trip to the surface, but it is rare. The first master I met had a bodyguard with him. The guard was the nicest, most humble guy you could meet, but he looked like he could have torn someone's arm off if he needed to.

I have had experiences similar to the following story (but without the hair.)

Another potentially troublesome issue for them is the latent power we carry in our DNA and biosuits. We can manifest timelines and futures. That is not so sci-fi, if you look at what human beings can create when we engage our will. Every human is weaving their future all day long. A mixture of thoughts, feeling and actions combine to create entire timelines. This ability is much coveted in the universe. 

Why are other civilizations afraid of this? 

If we are tricked into a transhumanist timeline, with Google Glass surveillance-specs, mechanized drones and other dystopian technology, we will drag the whole Earth with us. That's why there's so much interest in what's happening on the surface world right now. The stakes are high. 

Our emotions can also be difficult for them to handle. They can be painful or toxic to them. Another reason for them to stay away. It goes back to that Dan Winter quote at the start of this article:
 "On the practical side, it meant emotions powerful enough to bend galaxies, would be born, here at the nexus." I think we are going to have to discover the full import of that phrase over the next ten to one hundred years.

Last, when we go down there, all our hidden abilities wake up. If you are not emotionally mature, you can abuse these powers. This is one reason why they demand initiates go through an exhaustive purging process before they enter Inner Earth. My teacher showed me a video of two sorcerers fighting on Youtube once. It was a low budget Indonesian film. They were speaking a strange language, flying, and hurling bolts + fireballs at each other. He said that was an accurate representation of what some battles can be like down there. He told me, a little remorsefully, the power can go to your head. Other teachers told me you can fly there. More than one told me this. Just passing on what I heard.

I have even heard of people getting kicked out of Agartha for abusing their powers. My teacher told me that you could never sleep with a woman there if you didn't intend to marry her. On the other hand, when he was training in a developed country in the Southern Hemisphere, he said "they" would come up regularly, and down there, they were a lot more liberal. He said, "in [country X] they come up sometimes, and they f**k." Maybe they like slumming it. I don't know.

When he was talking about Lemuria, he said that when Lemurians say goodbye, they will hug and you and never want to let go.

So their attitudes towards us vary between fascination, disgust, respect, longing, friendship, lust, repulsion, and everything in between.

Truthseeker: How do Agarthans protect themselves when they come up here?

Contact: They have invisible monitoring systems that keep them safe, but they don't have enough military or manpower to keep them protected all over the Earth. Also, there are places they just don't want to visit. So when they come up here, they are always a little on guard.

I remember when I was in Macau, planning to visit Indonesia. This was in May 2010. The situation was improving but still a little tense. We were about to have a run of dangerous bad luck, but that is a story for another time.

I was interested in whether the CIA or Western "Intelligence" "Community" were able to go to Indonesia and spy or cause trouble. My teacher said, “No, they can't get in, there is very advanced technology here.”  - Remember they have more than 20,000 years of developed technology, so whatever the surface militaries have is fairly weak in comparison. 

The obvious next question is: if the liberation forces are so powerful, why are we still here? Despite the high technology on both sides, there is still obviously a balance of power, otherwise we would be liberated by now. 

Put it this way: Imagine one of the most powerful armies on Earth surrounding a house where there is a young girl held hostage. The encircling army have 2,000 highly trained troops, Apache helicopters, tanks, missile launchers, GPS, and satellites that can see the color of your eyes. Against this fearsome army, there is a man with a 50 cent plastic scalpel held at the jugular vein of the young girl.

Which side is more powerful?


So I went to Indonesia, and hooked on to the Lemurian current. I felt like I was blessed and cursed at the same time. Synchonicities manifested out of nowhere. One day I was in my teacher's home-town. We were trying to set up a meeting with the main Agarthan contact in that area. I will call him The Country Doctor. 

I can't say anything about what he looked like or where he was from, but he was revered by the locals to the point where some of them even called him King. Actually, they called him even more than that, but I must keep his secret. I even saw one of the rice-farmers kiss his hand. This mark of respect didn't have anything to do with obsequiousness. They just loved him because he had done so much for this out of the way town: He had set up an orphanage, protected people during an attack from the Indonesian army, and helped the local community with basic supplies as much as he could. He was one of the most humble men I ever met. Another charity worker told me the Doctor would refuse to even buy himself a bar of chocolate or bottle of wine when new funds came in.

Despite the Doctor's social and economic power, he was under his limitations too. My teacher's father told me, every year he would get a truck, ask everyone what they wanted, drive off for a month and come back loaded with medicines, clothes, farming tools, grain, rice, whatever they needed. Where did he get it from? It was strongly inferred that he went to Inner Earth. He was the 'lucky man' who could get you anything. He only went on these journeys rarely, and he wouldn't bring you back anything frivolous. He was helping about 80 children in a day centre and night-stay orphanage. He spent 50-70,000 USD per year on supplies. When I was talking to him, he said : "I wish I could do more"

My teacher told me “no one knows where he's from”. Another time he told me, “He's probably from Telos.” Which of these statements was right? I don't know. My teacher would often use Telos as a kind of white lie to avoid mentioning other Inner Earth cities. Most of the subterranean city names are still under wraps. My teacher was obviously respectful of their privacy, and I'd learned not to ask by then.

But going back to your question about safety, fear and monitoring systems : They have advanced technology monitoring systems. When we were trying to set up the meeting with the Doctor, I asked my teacher if the Doctor knew we were there. He shrugged and said "of course he does." 

What? Of course?

How could he say that so casually? How could they have known that? I have come to realize most of us are watched all the time. However, the benevolents respect free will. If you tell them you want to be left alone, they will honour that.

Setting up even one meeting with the Doctor was difficult. September 2010 was a tense period. 
We had to negotiate various challenges: Meeting him involved a combination of patience, claustrophobic small town politics, being tested by his intermediaries, passing etheric scrutiny, being lucky and hoping fate would smile on us... if indeed, fate can smile. The story of the meeting is a whole chapter in itself. 

 The subterranean and air city current is very strong in Indonesia. The networks are very active, social and helpful. I wouldn't even have learned his name if it wasn't for them. I had to take a 12 hour ferry ride to this hinterland town as there was no road. 
On the Ferry...they knew I wanted to meet him. They just knew. They can see your aura and chat to your guides. A young man of about 24 years of age came and sat next to me. After an hour or two of casual talk he asked me if I did martial arts or meditation. I said yes, and he started talking about Silat, the Indonesian martial art. He then told me about his meditation school, and his teacher. He mentioned the name of the Doctor who owned the orphanage more than once, with a casually insistent tone in his voice. If I hadn't heard his name on the Ferry, I would never have gone searching for him. 

What strange technology existed that can put meetings like this together? Who's pulling the strings?

I am still in awe of the kind of luck you can have in Indonesia if you are on the right path. Agarthans can tend to stick to small, out of the way towns, as the vibe is not so heavy there. This is one way they can stay away from the heavy resonance of some of our cities. 

This is where the archetypal third world town with "people who have nothing, but they are so happy" comes from. Some of these far flung towns contain deep secrets, and harbour a gently co-existing pair of societies. 

Pity them not. 

Things are not what they seem, ever...

To be continued...



  1. Wow! Thanks Contact for following your heart and the synchronisities to be able to bring us this amazing information. I now have better understanding of "as above, so below"! And you have confirmed my sense that we are all connected in the dreamworld. Which role do we play in the Neverending Story? Or do you feel we are at the same time both the dreamer and the dreamed?

  2. We are Sebastian and Atreyu, I think. The tests that Atreyu has to face towards the end of the film mirror the inner journey. Negotiating the swamps of sadness, facing the mirror, self belief, bravery... Sebastian has to discover inner courage and make the world that he wants to see. All he has to do is ask for help and dream the timeline he wants to live, then the angels can help him. If he doesn't ask for help, they can't intervene. I always wondered what 'naming the princess' symbolised, maybe it's about the divine feminine. I'm still finding out...

    Glad you liked it..

  3. Yes, I used to watch the Neverending Story a lot as a kid, it always captivated me and actually resonated a lot with me. I've always known that we are "mirrors" to the other side, I do my thing in this reality then when I go to sleep, I also do my thing in the astral. It's interesting that the Agarthans do the same thing when they go to sleep and come up here like we come down there. I wonder if they are the same people I've seen in my dreams or actually different beings from other places in the solar system or a mix of both? Hmm. It is very interesting.

    1. Interesting. Can you remember a lot from your astral travels? I'm remembering more every day. In eight hours sleep, how much do you get done? Time is strange on the other side of the veil.

    2. Lately, I am starting to remember more and more. I used to have these end of the world scenario dreams like a major city getting flooded and etc but not anymore, I'm assuming that's because the timelines have already switched over to the correct timeline. The last one I had, I remember the end of that dream, there was a monk-looking man in warrior attire shaking hands with me before escorting me through a dark tunnel then I woke up. I remember running around(well maybe not running, felt more like gliding), doing stuff here and there. Sometimes, it felt like I was navigating a maze, figuring out stuff. I would usually see people, familiar faces that I almost recognize but don't know who they are.

      If I do remember my dreams, it's usually what I did, not why I did these things. The "scenes" or "settings" are usually a mixture of "Labyrinth", "Mad Max", sometimes "2001: Space Odyssey." I also play lot of video games as an escape like a daydream, so some of the influences are in there too. My dreams jumps around a lot and don't really make sense until enough correlating dreams come up and Deja Vus occurs in real life then I put together the puzzles. Still working on that..

      Sometimes, it feels like forever.. Sometimes, it lasts 5 mins before I wake up and change position.

    3. When I say "The last one I had", I meant last end of the world scenario dream.. It was probably 2-3 years ago.

  4. Thank you! To have you directly acknowledge & answer my personal questions in this format about Agartha is both humbling and empowering. To know the reference point in my relationship with regards to the Agarthans greatly improves, imo, my ability to interact with them one day.

    I already feel closer to them and their views than I do to the masses of my own race.

    Such is the nature of these types of discourses, I now have another question regarding this information and the time difference experienced when visiting Agartha and I assume when they visit the surface.

    First of all, is a time difference only experienced when traversing a dimensional boundary, i.e. 3d to 4th or 5th d? Or is this true for a simple "physical" journey or 3D experience to the "physical" 3D subterranean areas?

    I ask this because you state, when referring to your teachers journeys to Agartha,

    "He was down there for over a quarter century (because of time differences, that visit took less than half an hour of surface time)"

    So, does that also imply that when the Agarthans visit the surface for 30 minutes, they in turn lose 25 years of their time if it had been spent in Agartha? Meaning that when they return to Agartha after their 30 min journey to the surface it is 25 years later in Agarthan time?

    That seems like a very unrewarding exchange, if correct.

    Please shed some more light on this phenomenon if you can.

    Thank you Contact Point for sharing your words, insights, and experiences.

    I for one, am grateful for your contributions.

  5. Q:>>>>"First of all, is a time difference only experienced when traversing a dimensional boundary, i.e. 3d to 4th or 5th d? Or is this true for a simple "physical" journey or 3D experience to the "physical" 3D subterranean areas?"

    There are many different time tracks. The differences are for dimensional and physical places equally. There are many different rates of time flow.

    Q:>>>>"So, does that also imply that when the Agarthans visit the surface for 30 minutes, they in turn lose 25 years of their time if it had been spent in Agartha? Meaning that when they return to Agartha after their 30 min journey to the surface it is 25 years later in Agarthan time?"

    Yes. That's what multiple teachers told me. I kept checking with each one, because it seemed so outlandish. You can see why they are reluctant to come up sometimes. For more info on timetracks, see Inception, but transfer the information in that film to physicality. Some realms have faster time than us, others slower.

    Lots more of your questions are still in draft. Thanks for jogging my memory.

  6. Thank you very much. This is great, I am looking forward to the rest of the info coming out soon. You mention a book, The Warrior Soul - is this particular one you are mentioning written by Boykin and Weber (2 US Army Green Berets)?

  7. Hi Spirit Bear. Glad you liked the info...

    Warrior of The Soul is here:

    One of the best Agartha books I ever read...

  8. Awesome, thank you very much:) I will get on with the reading.

  9. Thank you for leading me here. It's all new and a great exercise for my brain. But I'll exercise until it all feels familiar:)

    1. Exercise is always good. It's good for the brain to get into a mystery. Mystery is what makes life fun.

  10. WOW, Very enlightening information, thank you. I would very much like to visit Agartha and teh undeground cities, Inner earth , Telos and Shamballa one day soon. Namaste

  11. I was wondering if i could join your really into making earth the way it was before the follies of men had disregarded the nature.

  12. I was wondering if i could join your really into making earth the way it was before the follies of men had disregarded the nature.

    1. Hi Vikas,

      There is nothing to join. If you are making the world a better place, you are on our side. is my favourite site right now.

      Also, we are volunteer only.

      But....If you have web design or programming skills, and can work for a reasonable hourly rate, email us at


  13. how are some ways i can make contact with agarthans? through astral travel, Mt. Shasta (I am planning a trip there with my closest friends next year), or what? I have been interested with this inner earth for a long time. Is it possible I may travel there in my lifetime..? I am only 17 but have been researching this for over a few years...

  14. hello Contact Point. I feel a calling to this other world. As i get older,I feel it stronger and stronger as time goes on. I am getting restless as to what to do with this. Any suggestions would b of great help thx. Thank u for writing about this. Its important people know