Thursday 13 November 2014


Mass Meditation: Dissolving Negative Structures

Breath deeply. Slowly relaxed and evenly. 

Tense and relax every muscle.

Ask for protection and guidance.

Set an intent to dissolve negative power structures, people, legislation, groups, intentions all over Earth.

Breath deep. Go deeper into the meditation.

Visualize a building, group or any other oppressive structure you want to target. 

Imagine your breath going through space and time, through your heart centre and other energy centres, through the kundalini/divine energy in the human body.

Imagine your breath going through space and time, penetrating and dissolving the target negative structure.

Visualize many others doing the same meditation.

Feel the structures weakening, decaying, melting like ice in the bright sun.

Feel the plans, intentions and secret designs of the oppressing power structures being covering with thick, golden honey. Visualize the honey covering the floors and walls of the secret power groups. Visualize it in the petrol tanks of their vehicles. 

Take a few minutes visualizing this galactic honey going where it needs to go.

Breath deeply, smile, and use your imagination to help dissolve and disintegrate secret negative groups. 

Be as creative as you want.

When you are finished, open your eyes, ground the energy, and know that the meditation was successful.

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