Wednesday 12 November 2014


Bilocation or OBE?

Bilocators explore the immeasurable twilight between sleep and the material world. The ability to project consciousness can be trained like anything else. All humans possess this skill deep within them.  Bilocation is easier than Out-of-body projection (OBE). Standard OBE practice is to leave the physical body behind completely as you explore the inner planes.  Bilocators don't have to lose full awareness of their bio-suit when they extend their awareness beyond the body. Imagine projecting to a paradise dimension and enjoying the environment, keeping only a dim memory of your resting body. 

In modern terminology, bilocation is an intermediate step between remote viewing and OBE. It is a forgotten skill that takes practice to remember. Practitioners don't need to physically appear before other people to be truly bilocating, the aim is to drop physicality for a moment, and explore new realms.

Benefits of Bilocation over Out of Body Experiences

BL is less stressful than OBE. No worrying about whether you will 'succeed' or 'fail' in a full projection. Astral projection forums are full of threads from frustrated learners, annoyed that they are stuck, lost and failing to exit the body. With bilocation, you only move part of your awareness outside the body. You could be lying or sitting in bed, and only move 10-20 per cent of conscious awareness to a heavenly realm. That small link may be enough to have a rewarding experience. Over time, it's possible to increase the percentage of transferred awareness.

The quality and duration of the projection is determined by the health, focus, relaxation and determination of the bilocator.

Why Bilocate?

- Exploration. Explore new realms, get new ideas, have intriguing experiences. 

- Inspiration. Music, writing, art, business... explore the inner planes, pick up concepts.

- Emotional Healing. Worries and deeper fears can dissolve on contact with the wider universe. 

- Physical Healing. We're careful not to make unproven claims. A miraculous healing is unlikely. But a few of us have experienced improved mood, and solid ideas for healing after consulting the dreamworld within. 

- Any Other Imaginable Reason. The universe is our oyster. 

What Can I Find When I Project Outside The Body?

Anything you want. 

The energy planes are a much larger than the physical plane. As a basic rule of thumb, if you can imagine it... it's there somewhere. A lot of science fiction and fantasy is inspired by experiences in the non-physical planes. 


Who knows.

- If you bilocate and get inspiration for a story, picture or song, is the story real?
- Likewise, experiencing emotional healing, an idea for an article, or an exit route from a physical problem is a concrete practical benefit of focused dreaming. Bilocation increases the interaction between the prison of the material world and the infinity on the other side.

If you have no pressing material problems, you can bilocate for the sheer excitement of the experience. 


If you ever sat on a bus daydreaming of being somewhere else, you can bilocate. The difference between causal and practiced BL is the quality and duration of the experience. Bilocation is drastically more intense than daydreaming. Practitioners breathe deeply to completely relax the body, use music or headphones to block out external stimuli, and exercise during the day to increase energy supplies. 

Who Can Bilocate?

Artists, musicians and inventors have explored the ideas plane to brainstorm solutions since the dawn of time. Until recently, most of them have kept quiet about the source of their inspiration. Tolkien was probably an experienced bilocator. The Aphex Twin, Nikola Tesla, Richard Feynmann and James Cameron all claimed to be able to lucid dream, a similar practice to bilocating.

As the veil disintegrates, the gap between the hemispheres narrows, and reaching out to infinity becomes easier.

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