Sunday 15 March 2015

A New Level Of Lockdown.

Have we achieved a new level of lockdown? Are the cabal on the back foot?

- The Ukraine conflict has died down. 
- Netanyahu looks like he will lose the next election.
EDIT: He 'won' in an election that could've been rigged, but the Israeli hawks have lost a lot of traction this year. 
- The press is mainly covering pointless political gossip.
- ISIS operatives are being arrested.

- The mainstream media is starting to call out ISIS videos as fake.

Is this a momentary lull, or a new phase of containment/lockdown?

We decide the answer to that question. 

You can help visualize the Cabal weakening, pinned to the floor, unable to move. Visualize honey dissolving and smothering their legal systems, weapons, groups and plans. Visualize them removed, and being healed, if they accept it.

And visualise new meetings with new contacts and friends, as the quarantine starts to crumble.

For a really interesting meditation, try playing these to videos at the same time. :)


  1. Here in the Netherlands, some cesspools have opened up on politicians, having ended up in resignations and more to come.

    Agree on the no-news reporting. It's quiet. On the other hand, more and more counter-facts/opinions/articles are published on existing news such as ISIS.

  2. Resignations and exposing secrets are all part of the process. It's like there's a global initiative at work. I'm noticing the ISIS info is more quiet, but more conflicted too, which is a good sign. The cabal agencies seem to be arguing amongst themselves.

  3. I did the two video meditation. Oh, my stars... my mind has been tweaked!

    1. That combination has a real kick to it. I might try and do it a few times a week.

  4. I'm beginning to like this blog it doesn't have the new age feel. The posts are rather interesting to say the least this is definitely my new favorite blog! The 2012 portal blog seems to new agey its kind of irritating to me because the commenters post everything on the blog linking to obviously fake intel and scammers pretending to channel non existent star beings or that ascended master nonsense. Anyway brilliant blog post I enjoyed it!

    1. Glad you like it Tim. Cobra has helped us sell the book, so we're grateful for his help. I agree, I'd like to see some of his readers get more focused and practical. That would speed things up...

      We're not looking for high view-counts at the moment... a small, focused group is fine right now.


    2. No Peter, but we had contact with them, and the surface networks they cooperate with. We also met people who had permission to visit their subterranean cities.

    3. I found myself there in dreams. I long river surrounded by exquisite colorful buildings throughout. The air smells nice. There's a feel of being in a holiday there.

    4. That's interesting, it's difficult to get there, even in dreams. You must be doing something right to get permission to go there...

  5. I don't know anyone else who has open permission to speak under their protection and name. We don't speak for them, but definitely with them.