Sunday 12 April 2015

Free Brainstorming Conference: Water Filters, and Other Businesses for the Reconstruction

After the war ends, the reconstruction of Earth will start in earnest. If rumors are to be believed, more and more private funds will open up to the public within the next two years. Financial white-hats are already funding projects, but incompetency and graft are diluting their impact. If the opening of major reconstruction banks is delayed, innovators can raise capital using Kickstarter, StartSomeGood and other micro-financing sources. Why wait?

In 2012/2013, we were lucky enough to sit in on meetings with high level esoteric financiers looking for A) Very large quantities of precious metals and B) Researchers who understood organic development projects. These bankers had spent so much time making money that they didn't have time to research the latest organic technology. 

In the old system, people fought over money. In the new economy, money will fight over people. If you have a skill set, a mission and a solid business plan, you may find funds competing to hire you.


The reconstruction has already started. Money is flowing into worthwhile projects every day:

This is a free conference/brain-storming session focused on water purification, and other businesses that can liberate the planet. We could drastically increase standards of living worldwide.


MONDAY APR 13th, 11:30pm New York Time /// 11:30am Taipei time (the morning of Tuesday 14th in Taiwan)... Conference will last 90 minutes+. 

LOGIN DETAILS: The chat room is here:

The password is: earthliberationparty, [one word, lower case]

Note: You have to click "join chat" on the lower bar. 

Please try the room early so you know the software. 

The chat will be publicly released, so choose a handle you are comfortable with. 

This is a brainstorming session, not a lecture, so please bring your ideas, and let everyone speak at a relaxed pace. 

See you there!


Any problems, meet on this piratepad:


Please read this carefully:

- We can't fund anything now, as we are raising capital ourselves. We sat in those meetings in as guests. Everyone is living under financial lock-down. If we share skill-sets + give each other ideas, we can co-create our exit together. 

- We can't answer any questions about 'timeframes' because A) We don't have access to 100% reliable intel (no one does). B) All time-frames are inaccurate. C) We don't want to put people into a passive 'waiting' mindset. If you want empty hope, go read ZAP.

If Crowdfunding is funding 2 million dollars a day, the reconstruction starts now. 

- We are focused on networking, and getting our act polished and clear. Investors are looking for clarity and competence. They need to see exactly how an idea works. The clearer you are, the easier it is to find money. People with expansive ideas need to learn low altitude thinking.

- Some businesses can be started for no money down, especially digital teaching conferences. People are lost under the breaking wave of innovative technology, and are looking for focus and guidance. 

- It takes hard work to get a business plan together. You might need to put in many hours of sweat equity. Try and find a mission you care about. 

- Don't fixate on one group. There's more than one consortium out there looking for honest people with skills. Don't deal with haughty middle-men that expect you to bow and scrape.  A business relationship is like a marriage, it takes time to find people who are trustworthy and fun. 

Focus on getting an excellent idea together, and luck and money may find its way to your vision.

Please skim these articles beforehand:

The Reconstruction is here!

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