Thursday 11 June 2015

Do you want the Earth to be owned by shadowy, unaccountable interests?

Do you want to spend the next few decades at the mercy of secret corporate groups?

Do you want the Draconian/Illuminati/Military Industrial Complex/Debt Banking System to OWN YOU?

Do you want to be traded like a commodity?


If you do, vote YES. If you don't, vote NO. Tell the universe why.

Note: I don't know if Easy Polls will let this poll stay up. Please share it on FB if you like. Or start another one on similar lines. The more the merrier. I'm not naive enough to think this will immediately change everything, but it is one step forward in the legal process. The universe is watching, and these votes do resonate in the upper chambers. When you vote, vote with all your heart, soul, eternal spirit and body...)

I just voted. It's a landslide victory for NO so far! Draco, get clicking (3D votes on this poll only)... or the Earth is OURS!

We ask all observing groups to ratify and act on this decision.


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Peace on Earth.


  1. This is awesome! I withdraw all tacit consent! Can my dogs vote as well? They say they want to be free of this too!

  2. Satan rules until The Lord takes care of it for us.

  3. I am a sovereign being of Planet Earth and I vote NO. I do not want the Draco/military industrial complex to have control anymore. Time to see them out the door and say bye-bye, game over.

  4. Yes everyone can vote, including dogs and cats. Votes are in: 164 total votes, 98 per cent NO. 2 per cent not sure...

    I guess the Draco have to get out. Motion carried.