Saturday 11 July 2015

Coming Summer 2015 from Aghartha

* 25 Products for An Economic Revolution, Part One. A free PDF that lists products that could dramatically increase standards of living on Earth. 25 products will help orient the freedom networks. *

* Microflow, an economic crowdfunding portal we are helping to set up. *

* Excerpts from the Chinese version of Contact With Agartha. We will release it slowly, and for free, using a different release strategy from the English and French versions. *

* More micro-funded articles on the liberation process. *

* More for readers of the original PDF of Contact With Agartha... 100 pages are now in draft form. *

These articles all take a lot of time and effort to produce. I was on holiday last week.... We cannot rush the release of any of them, as a poorly produced article loses views, credibility and respect. Many of the articles take hours to produce and format, like this one:

If you are sitting hanging on for an update, you are misunderstanding the liberation process. This site and others already contain more than enough information to liberate the planet... 

More later...

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