Tuesday 28 July 2015

Voiding the Claims of the Red Dragons

Dear Ambassador/Modwiz/Dave Schmidt,

Thanks for your videos. They offer an interesting insight into the deeper economy. 

After looking at all the evidence we have decided we believe it is no longer fair that you lead hard working people to believe that you are going to give them large amounts of money if they pay 1-200USD to join your program. No, or very little, money has been forthcoming so far. 

We are also requesting that you put all further updates in *writing*. No one has the time to listen to your audio updates. 

We have recommended to the Agartha Network that your claims to any large funds, and your claim to Royalty, be hereby voided. 

If you wish to discuss or challenge this letter please do so *openly* *in writing* at agarthanalliance.blogspot.com, or at contactwithagartha@gmail.com

I hope you respect the fact that your names have been left out of this email, and we do not bear you any personal ill will. 

If you wish to start a charitable foundation in Hong Kong or elsewhere, we will be on your side. 

If readers, understandably, believe the Agartha claim to be bogus, let me remind them that under commercial law, a 'commoner' is the highest law. See the work of Winston Shrout and www.lawfulrebellion.org. Any human can void your claims immediately. From the way things are panning out, it looks like that has already been done. So let me remind readers that the Agartha claim is immaterial, and we can all void claims due to our natural sovereign status as humans.

Last, we see no backup, either legally, or in the demeanor of your representatives, to back up your claims of being "Royalty". Could you specify in writing what your understanding of the word "Royalty" is? 

Do you, for example, claim ownershipsuperiority or authority over myself, my family, or anyone in the country of the United Kingdom? What evidence do you have to back up this claim? I believe that all human beings are spiritual sovereigns, and no one is better than anyone else. 

The size of the funds you are talking about are too big to be in the hands of any one group. Centralizing power in that manner could be disastrous. 

Please reply within 72 hours, and note clearly that ALL emails will be made public, both from our side and yours. Everything you write to this address will be seen by thousands of people. 

Again, if you wish to start a non operating foundation or public charity, please go ahead.


Contact/Daozen. c/o The Agartha Network


  1. Update: Thread removed from a certain forum within minutes. Sister thread put up at Godlikeproductions.com


    Lots more views...


  2. On Modwiz125's Youtube channel:

    Contact Point 1 second ago
    Dear Modwiz, as the thread on The One Truth forum has now been removed, a sister thread has been put up on Godlikeproductions.com. Many more views on GLP, thanks for the idea! We can go to Project Avalon too. I am trying to keep this fair.


  3. Sent to Dave Schmidt. 5:02pm, July 29th, Taiwan:


    Sorry Dave, this has to stop:

    Sent you a letter here. Already forwarded to Modwiz and the RDA.


    With Respect,


  4. Mods at the One Truth are currently reviewing and suggesting edits to the thread. The thread was momentarily made invisible for them to discuss. Aragorn, the moderator, is living up to his namesake, and being even handed and fair.

  5. Hi Contact Point,
    Can you provide a link to the background for this?
    I (maybe others too) don't know what is going on.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Megan,

      Check out Dave Schmidts 150 videos of false RV/GCR intel for a start. After that, the "Red Dragon Ambassador "and others have promised large payoffs to people if they sign up to a program, and nothing has been forthcoming. A lot of people who have paid them money are angry.

      Here's one video:


      Honestly, it's not worth spending time watching, they are just another group trying to control the financial system. All these back room fights are holding up the liberation process by some years. It's kind of sad.

      Best Wishes

    2. Oh, wow... Thank you, CP...
      It is awful when people are manipulated like this.

  6. Dave Schmidt on the Dinar and Dong, Oct 2014:


  7. Dave Schmidt expenses inquiry:


  8. Dave Schmidt Alleged Embezzler:


  9. Daozen,

    I just found this site from Ruiner's blog. The subject matter is splendid. I wonder if you couldn't post something more on his site to get people over here and advance some of those discussions. I really liked your comments on that site. As far as Dave Schmidt goes, I think most are seeing through his charade at this point. Putting on seminars titled "Who wants to be a millionaire", I think that says it all...., conspicuous indeed. He talked everyone into purchasing Iraqi Dinars stating his Intel on the RV. Who can trust this guys after all that? I guess some are still stuck, looking for their savior. Bizarre! I believe the only thing he is holding dominion on is disinformation. I don't know him and perhaps he is a good person that is being lead astray but his information has a very poor track record. Thanks for the great site

  10. Thanks for the kind words Kaya. Yes, Schmidt is a liar, but that's the way it goes. I suppose I can't help everyone that's stuck. It's up to their own free will now.

    I would like more people to visit from the Ruiner's blog, but I don't want to over-promote my writing there.

    Microfinance is the way forward.