Friday 28 August 2015

Omnec Onec - Venusian Ambassador on Jerry Springer

The current round of whistleblowers are distracting people from the genuine contactees out there. This is a fascinating interview with Omnec Onec, who claimed to come to Earth from Venus, as a child. 

I defy anyone to watch for 5 minutes and not become captivated by her intelligence, poise and integrity. 


  1. I have to disagree with you this seems more like hokum lol :) But it's your blog so post what you like! I have trouble believing this because Jerry Springer is purely entertainment and nothing on that show is ever real it's always staged, and so that's why I never believed the Omnec Onec narrative.

  2. Fair enough Tim, I appreciate your honesty. Did you watch it for 10 minutes?

    I don't think it's accurate to say "She was on Springer so it can't be true"- I think that's a logical fallacy, though I can't remember which one. A LOT of Springer is staged, but not all of it.

    Omnec has had a long career outside of Springer.

    At the very least, she has a hell of a lot of poise, and her children seem kind of "otherwordly" too.

    She is not so bad looking either.

    Anyway, each to their own, dialogue is part of the fun of free media.


    Here is a Reddit discussion on "Is Springer Real."


  3. This is how the media works - have a lot of staged entertainment so when the real thing (Omnec) comes on people will think it's not true. It's called plausible deniability.

  4. Well said Kate. I think Springer just gets on anyone that has a weird tale, and they don't even ask the back story.

    QUOTE from the Reddit:

    "My very good friend, that I grew up with works as an assistant editor for Springer. He started when they were in Chicago then moved to New York when the show moved to Stamford a few years back. I, as well as many others, have asked him this exact question.
    From what he told me is: they sometimes seek people out, others come to them, but they never question the authenticity of the stories. Fake ones may get by, or they might be very exaggerated. It's very much a "don't ask don't tell" situation. Also, it's not scripted, but they do feed talking points based on the stories to help rile the folks up a bit.
    Tl;dr don't ask, don't tell"


    "My friend's brother was an assistant producer for a time. Said it was mostly real, and they did shady things to make it happen:
    At the end of each episode they put up the phone number, and they have people standing by to take calls. People would impulsively decide to call without thinking it through, and if it seemed legit the show would fly them out that day, put them up in a nice hotel with room service (and anything else reasonable they wanted: food/booze) overnight, and get them in front of a camera the next day.
    The point was to make them feel special and get them recorded before they had a chance to think it through properly."
    "To make a long story short, I used to help run a video game Podcast that ended up not going anywhere. One of our guests is actually related to Steve Wilkos, during our show we talked about it a little bit (sorry guys don't have the recording). Here's what I remember from that conversation.
    Fights are not entirely fake. They're told to not fight within so many minutes of the show. They are told specifically to not pick up anything to be used as a weapon. They also sign a waiver stating that if they are hurt on the show they cannot sue anyone that was on stage or the production. The guests are also not encouraged to fight, that just seem to have become a fad very quickly after the show gained popularity
    The producers are 100% not involved with creating or recreating the guests backgrounds. Sometimes the producers are skeptic of the stories they hear, and still put them on the show. They also do not try to "prove" that it's real either. If the guests seem legitimate enough, they will put them on
    Most of the people on the show end up regretting it immediately after. Most of them were rushed, and put on a plane only a couple days after they made their call to the hotline.
    The security guards you see on stage are legitimately trained, some of them are current/former police officers
    As far as "staged" goes, the only thing staged is when they make it seem like a new person comes in. For example, a girl claims her bf is cheating on her, they bring out the bf, they talk, etc. Then all of a sudden they bring out the girl he's been screwing behind her back...this part is almost staged every time. Both guests know that the third person is there, but Jerry presents them as if they didn't know."